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Essie All In One
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All in one 3-way glaze: A base coat and top coat that helps strengthen and leaves nails with a high gloss-looking finish.

Item Name: Essie All In One
Manufactuer: Essie
Type: Nail Treatment
UPC: 884486278807
SKU: ESM-6023
Weight: 62 grams - (0.14 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Benefit: Nail Strengthener, Benefit: Nail Treatment, Discontinued, Essie, Memorial Day 2020, NAIL POLISH PARTY, Nail Strengthener, Nail Supplies, Nail Treatment, and Type: Nail Treatment

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Robyn R.
Essie All I One is a lifesaver!

I am a dog groomer and my hands are in the water all day. My nails take a beating. I’ve tried many other products and hands down this has been the best product I’ve tried. I would highly recommend it.

Manuela V.
Love it!

Dries fast! Super convenient. will buy again

Barbie doll with no clothes on; flesh-toned plastic.

Barbie doll with no clothes on; flesh-toned plastic.

The brush rocks. Love the width and rounded tip shape makes it so easy to make two thin layers. First one is gonna be streaky of course, the second coat is applied a little thicker.

The formula is good. I got more than 5 days. Phenom. I do use the gel coture top coat but have used Seche VItea too.

This is a gorgeous, totally unique peachy pink, but it never seems to fully dry.

This is a gorgeous, totally unique peachy pink, but it never seems to fully dry. Just 24 hours later, it smudges, scrapes, and chips easily. And this is a fresh, new bottle! I'm annoyed. The formula is somewhat thick, opaque and streaky. Pooling at the cuticles can be a problem because it is a bit drippy, so you have to be pretty careful. Furthermore, it tends to bubble as it dries. Application was frustrating. Making smooth, even strokes on long nails was difficult. It needed three or four coats to level out the streaks. I cut my nails short a week later and tried this polish again. On short nails, it was much easier to get smooth, even strokes with less streaking. This time I only needed three coats. This polish was not worth the hassle to apply to long nails. Since it takes so long to dry, I waited at least an hour between coats. This is an unreasonable amount of time to have to wait to recoat. This polish requires three or four coats to look good and really pop, and waiting so long between coats made for an excruciatingly long process. When several nails smudged the next day and a few chipped, I was super disappointed. The color is pretty, but it's all for naught since it never dries and is therefore unwearable. Bummer. EDIT: A dupe for this color is China Glaze Pink of Me, which I haven't tried yet. The closest color I have in my collection is Orly Prelude to a Kiss. While less pink, it offers easy, fast, flawless, streak-free application that dries quickly and looks like a pro manicure. Orly Prelude to a Kiss has the best brush and formula I've used in a long, long time. I highly recommend it.

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