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Harmony Gelish Xpress Dip - On My Wish List Collection

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<li>Harmony Gelish Xpress Dip - Wrapped Around Your Finger 1.5 oz - #1620510</li>
<li>Harmony Gelish Xpress Dip - Bad To The Bow 1.5 oz - #1620511</li>
<li>Harmony Gelish Xpress Dip - Reddy To Jingle 1.5 oz - #1620512</li>
<li>Harmony Gelish Xpress Dip - Gift It Your Best 1.5 oz - #1620513</li>
<li>Harmony Gelish Xpress Dip - Before My Berry Eyes 1.5 oz - #1620514</li>
<li>Harmony Gelish Xpress Dip - A Hundred Present Yes 1.5 oz - #1620515</li>

The most festive collection of the season is here! This Holiday/Winter, we are welcoming the On My Wish List collection, inspired by all things joyful and bright with a twist of avant-garde flare. This collection takes your standard Holiday hues and elevates them with unique tones in a dreamy metallics and gorgeous grounding cremes.

Gelish is taking dip powder performance to the next level with Xpress Dip N Brush our new monomer compatible formula! The Xpress Dip N Brush advanced monomer compatible formulation provides nail technicians with endless versatility in one convenient product line. Dip It On or Brush It On, whatever you choose, Xpress Dip N Brush has what you need for a perfect set of nails! Gelish Xpress Dip N Brush can be used for all your dip powder needs including one color application, ombré, and 3-D nail art. Now it can also be used with the ProHesion Nail Sculpting Liquid for gorgeous colored acrylic enhancements. These amazing new benefits join our already standout formula with a built-in activator and infused with Biotin and Calcium, elevating the Gelish Dip powders even further.

•21+ day chip-proof wear
• Endless versatility with monomer compatible formula
• Patent-pending formula infused with Biotin and Calcium
• Built-in activator for faster applications
• Eliminates gummy, hardened brushes
• Fast, non-damaging removal
• Cruelty-Free
• 15-FREE Non-Toxic Formulas
• Made In The USA

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