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China Glaze - Black Diamond 0.5 oz - #77029
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China Glaze has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of globally rich, on-trend, innovative colour lacquers and treatments. Their colours provide the perfect accent to any individual style. From their neons, to reds, corals, to shades of blue, their colours' inspiration is found on the shores of Tahiti, the nightlife in New York City, and beauty within every woman.
*All China Glaze colours are free of DBP, Toluene and added Formaldehyde.

Item Name: China Glaze - Black Diamond 0.5 oz - #77029
Manufactuer: China Glaze
Type: Nail Lacquer
UPC: 019965770293
SKU: CG-77029
Weight: 77 grams - (0.17 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Black, China Glaze, Color: Black, Color: Grey, Creme, Dark Moody, Finish: Creme, Grey, Group: Black Diamond, Holiday Gift Guide 2020, Nail Polish, Season: Timeless, The Ultimate Mani Gift Guide, Timeless, and Winter Wonderland Winter 2019 Lookbook

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Not too fond of this formulation.

Not too fond of this formulation. I had to put 3-4 coats on to get an opaque finish, and even then it was streaky. The formulation is quite different from other CG polishes I own. Would not repurchase

First, this is misnamed.

First, this is misnamed. It really should be called "Hematite", because it looks exactly like polished hematite, and nothing like black diamonds. It's a very deep grey which is nearly but not quite black, and has a silvery sheen. As I said, exactly like hematite.This polish has a really tricky formula, with very unpredictable viscosity. I made a big mess of my cuticles when I first applied this, because getting the right amount on the brush was tricky, and there were sudden, unexpected droplets of polish that would suddenly appear from the neck of the brush, but at the same time, if I swiped it too much, I couldn't get enough polish on the brush. Frustrating, to say the least. First coat is really streaky and almost sheer. It did sort itself out by the second coat, and it self-levels very nicely. The finish is extremely pretty, though, and if you like the look of hematite (which I do; I have quite a lot of hematite jewellery), you'll love this. I love dark polishes and wear them frequently, and this will make an excellent addition to my polish wardrobe. Well, that is, assuming I ever come to grips with the tricky formula...

Hearing about this brand of polish, I was excited to use it.

Hearing about this brand of polish, I was excited to use it.This polish can be tricky. It's hard to make thinner coats because the brush can be fussy and drag the polish instead. If this were to happen on the second coat, it easily scuffs the first layer. So you really have to put on a thicker coat for it to apply better.It can apply streaky. It does dry streaky. But a good top coat can hide this, though you can still feel the streaks.The consistency is a bit more runny than OPI. They're very similar in that respect. It dries moderately fast. You won't have to wait three hours to think about touching something.I needed two coats to match the color in the bottle. It's very very shiny, you literally see your reflection. It's multidimensional. In certain light, it can look like a taupe color, regular light it shows as a dark grey and in sun light you're able to see the tiny sparkles.Wear wise it's actually doing quite well. I'm very very active and use my hands constantly and no chips whatsoever. No tip wear, either. Three active days later and it still looks great.I'm quite pleased with this polish. Though it can apply better, it's just something to get use too. I'd repurchase.

It chips easily.

It chips easily.


OMG... its SHEER... WTH? I got this for my birthday and only just got around to trying it... I'm really displeased. I despise sheer polish and I wasn't expecting it with this one.

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