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Nioxin Scalp Treatment - System Kit 2
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Item Name: Nioxin Scalp Treatment - System Kit 2
Manufactuer: Nioxin
Type: Hair
UPC: 4064666323480
Weight: 50 grams - (0.11 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Group: Scalp Treatment System Kit 2, Hair Treatment, JAN-, MANI-MADNESS, Nioxin, OMG5, OMG6, OMG7, OMG8, OMG9, Professional, and Wella Company

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Okay, so I am 25 and I used to have super thick hair.

Okay, so I am 25 and I used to have super thick hair. So thick, you wouldn't be able to see my scalp. Women in my family don't go bald but their hair does thin a bit and I stared noticing it thin for me after me going through anorexia. Yes, that in itself was cause enough for my hair to fall out due to the lack of nutrients, however, after recovering from that and having my body be good as new my hair never fully recovered and I figured I may have just precipitated my hair thinning. I started using this product because my hair lady told me it lead to dramatic results. I tried it for a year. The first month I noticed more hair loss, but I stuck by it because I read it cleans out your pores in your head which impedes hair follicles from growing and it stimulated the cells already there to produce more hair. The second and third month were better in that less hair was falling out and it by the 4th and 5th months it was minimal but my hair was extremely dry. It looked like hay... NOT EXAGGERATING. Super dry and brittle and I had perpetual split ends, no matter what I did and my back hair started looking more dull brown. I started spacing out more since I was using it every other day and I switched to only twice a week. That was useless. I ended up leaving it after a year and instead started using sulfate free shampoo and taking 10,000 mg of biotin a day. 5,000 in the morning and 5,000 at night. My hair looks 1000000x times better and it is thicker and regained its natural black color. Ends are not split and my hair is not dry. This shampoo does not help hair loss and its too damaging to the hair you're trying to save. Spare yourself the trouble and go get your biotin and sulfate free shampoo and watch your hair bloom! TRUST ME!

This did make my hair look fuller and give it more volume but it dried my hair and made it look l...

This did make my hair look fuller and give it more volume but it dried my hair and made it look like thatch. It's about a month later and I'm still deep conditioning and putting oil in my hair to get it back to the smooth texture I had before.

Please read.

Please read. Using this is a HUGE regret for me.I have baby fine, thin hair. Thanks to PCOS, I have some thinning on the top of my head. Enough that you could see my scalp in places. The woman at the salon sold me on this product, advising me to start at level 2 for actual visual results. I purchased the 3-part system. (shampoo, conditioner, leave-in) The lady at the salon said the product is NOT effective unless you use the whole system.Week 1:I notice my hair feels stronger, and I am noticing less hair loss. Great! I think this might actually work.Week 2: Very little change, but I keep at it, thinking it just takes some time.Week 3: All at once, it was like my hair fell out in clumps. Ok, the product says to expect some initial hair loss, and this is part of the process. The next day, I am drying my hair, and realize I have all these really short strands on the top of my head. Maybe this was new hair growth? Thankfully I had taken some "before" photos so I could compare. IT WAS BREAKAGE. The product made my hair so brittle that it was just snapping off. I immediately stopped using the product, but the next 4 days, I could barely touch my hair without more strands breaking. I couldn't use a wide tooth comb without strands snapping. There is so much breakage that it looks and feels like I have half as much hair as I did when I started.4 months later, with regular deep conditioning, my hair is still a mess. I have broken strands all over my head, creating a fuzzy thin looking mess. My scalp is twice as visible as it was when I started. It will take years for those broken strands to grow out. I wish I had never tried this product.

I have been using this for 8+ years and my hair loss has progressively gotten worse.

I have been using this for 8+ years and my hair loss has progressively gotten worse. I think it was more so the placebo effect for me that thinking of using it made me think it was actually possibly helping me. I didn't use the scalp treatment from the #2 line since it leaves this strange feeling on your hair. It has some hold to it. Almost like its supposed to give your roots more lift with the hold, but it ends up feeling strange and makes your hair harder to style afterwards. I use #1 scalp treatment in the spray since it doesn't leave any after feel. All in all I will probably continue to use the scalp treatment, since that actually stays on your scalp, but discontinue the shampoo and conditioner since I don't feel as though after all these years they really do anything and my hair never behaves as nice when I use the first two steps. I also really hate the menthol in the first two steps. That "tingly" sensation is just irritation from the menthol/peppermint oil which is only a sensory ingredient with no medical benefit.

reading below, I think people need to realize that the first month of using nioxin will actually ...

reading below, I think people need to realize that the first month of using nioxin will actually seem to worsen the thinning of your hair. I believe this to be the same with most hair regrowth products from what I read. I call it the 'out with the old and in with the new' phase. I am currently 3 months in to the system and the results have been great for me, but I also will say that a lot depends on your genetics. I am not a victim of the typical male pattern balding, but instead of waiting to see the sign, I want to protect what I have before the inevitable happens.My usage technique:Only wash hair every 2 days.Lather rinse repeat with shampoo.Apply conditioner to semi damp hair and leave in for 5 mins+(enjoy that tingle).Rinse, dry a little, and apply treatment to semi damps hair.

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