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NYX Face & Body Glitter - Silver - #GLI10
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Glam things up a notch and shine like the star you are with our sparkling new Face & Body Glitter, available in 12 light-catching shades ranging from ruby red and multi-colored purple to bronzy brown and yellow gold. Pair with our GLITTER PRIMER for a sparkle-perfect look.

Item Name: NYX Face & Body Glitter - Silver - #GLI10
Manufactuer: NYX Cosmetics
Type: Face
UPC: 800897846824
Weight: 27 grams - (0.06 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Color: Silver, Discontinued, Finish: Glitter, Glitter, NYX Cosmetics, Silver, and Valentine's Day Collection 2021

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
I really wanted to love this product because the colors are gorgeous and the price is really affo...

I really wanted to love this product because the colors are gorgeous and the price is really affordable, but you definitely get what you pay for...This is by far the WORST glitter eyeliner that I have ever used! IT BURNS! I applied it to my upper and lower lash lines after applying my normal eyeshadow and within seconds I felt this crazy burning I couldn't even open my eyes! It lasted for at least 6 minutes and I had to force my eyes open again. It hurt like hell! And my eyes were irritated and bloodshot the entire day! It dries to look like a gross flakey summer camp craft project that peels off of your eyelid. It's just junk! If I could rate it a zero I would have. Later, I saw the disclaimer on the eyeliner that "This product is not intended for use near the eyes: WTF?!?! What Eyeliner shouldn't be used on your eyes?!? So, I tossed it in the trash. I saw other reviews where some girls just suffer through the pain when they wear it...but this is your eyes! I just worry about long term effects of using a product that burns so bad your eyes literally force themselves shut as protection. This should be pulled from shelves. You are much better off spending the extra money and purchasing Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Liners!

Rosemaria K.
I got this liner in gold.

I got this liner in gold. I really like the color but i do not like this product. It didn't ever really dry and it got all over the place including in my eye. I did come off without much effort once i wiped my finger over it, which was a relief for me, but if i liked it i wouldn't want it to come off that easily? I can't imagine it would last all day. I may keep it to try again later but i will probably toss it.

So disappointed with this product.

So disappointed with this product. I was really excited when I purchased this glitter liner however once I tried it on my eye felt like it was in fire! Completely allergic to this liner. It was also pretty watery, I was expecting a better consistency. Would not recommend buying this product if you have sensitive skin like me.

These are just super awesome as they come in so many great colors and are jam packed with glitter.

These are just super awesome as they come in so many great colors and are jam packed with glitter. I don't use these as eyeliners, I use them over my eyeshadows or to highlight my tear duct to add an extreme glitter look to my lids. I particularly wear these for a night out on the town and always get tons of compliments on them. This is a wet product and to prevent smearing, use a blow dryer to dry quickly. These are far better than loose glitters because its already mixed in with the adhesive and don't have that fallout. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and cant go wrong with the price!!!!

This stuff is really nice, very pretty.

This stuff is really nice, very pretty. I have the Gold one, and I plan on buying more soon. It doesn't irritate my eyes like sephoras does. This is jam packed with glitter! When you swatch it on your hands The glitter might look a little sparse but when it's on your lids it looks great. Only gave it 4 lippies for this one soul reason.. It takes forever to dry -___so the glitter usually ends up on my crease as well. I have a tip though, apply your mascara to the bottom lashes BEFORE you apply this glitter liner or else it will go all over your lid. Apply the glitter liner and do your top lash line mascara because you will be tilting your head back so that allows ur liner to dry in peace (:

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