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NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Prague - #SMLC18
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Matte Merlot

This matte lip cream goes on silky smooth and sets to a matte finish. It is formulated to last you all day and keep your lips moisturized.

Item Name: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Prague - #SMLC18
Manufactuer: NYX Cosmetics
Type: Lips
UPC: 800897829964
Weight: 23 grams - (0.05 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Color: Pink, Discontinued, Lip Gloss, NYX Cosmetics, Pink, The Ultimate Mani Gift Guide, and Valentine's Day Collection 2021

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
I started off really liking this product but as time wore on, I have slightly mixed feelings abou...

I started off really liking this product but as time wore on, I have slightly mixed feelings about it. While the pigment is matte and simply lovely, there seems to be something off about the formula consistency. It's so whipped that I never seem to know how much of the product that the doe foot applicator will pick up. And this is regardless if I shake the tube or not. My impression is that the formula is quite thick and dry and once you've used up some of the product, it becomes more difficult to grab the right amount of product. So sometimes, I find myself dipping back in to get out more product and other times I have far too much. It's not the end of the world, it just means that it takes a bit more time to get the application just right. I will definitely repurchase this in other colours (I have my eye on Rome :D )

I'm a NYX fanatic.

I'm a NYX fanatic. I love the suedes, the lingerie line, the matte lipsticks, and the SMLCs.I picked up this shade although I have an endless amount of lip products, something drew me towards wearing it, so I did. When you open it... the smell of butter-creamy-vanilla hits your noseIf you don't like that smell, then be warned, though the smell does go away.The color is, to be honest, a little out of my comfort zone. It's a bright berry.. but it looks amazing. It's a great color that says I'm fun but I'm not trying too hard. From a distance, it looks like almost a vampy color; it's only when you're up close that you notice that it has such bright undertones.It lasts forever, too, but like all mattes, watch out because it can be drying(:

Its all in the title.

Its all in the title. These are soft, matte, and creamy lip products. They smell like yummy cupcakes. They glide on beautifully and dont dry your lips out at all! The packaging is small and easy to travel with, nothing extravagant but still cute. I believe these last about 3 hours before having to reapply. My one complaint is that they do bleed. This color, when it bleeds is not pretty. So Apply a liner or some concealer around you lips because this can get very messy. They dry/set rater fast and there is not a whole lot a transfer. Definitely not kiss proof though! Also the packaging is a little duller then the actual product.

This colour is really beautiful on all skin types.

This colour is really beautiful on all skin types. I put a nude lip primer (from E.L.F) underneath and the colour pops even more. The matte finish is really nice, but it takes a while to dry if you want to avoid smudging throughout the day. Overall, would definitely love to try other colours. This formula is soft and smells like dessert!

I really like this color, but I have issues with the formula.

I really like this color, but I have issues with the formula. I had Aria already and I wasn't sure if they would be too similar. They are similar but Aria is more electric while Prague is even more matte. And while it's bright and pigmented, it's just a bit deeper and berry colored as opposed to pink. I actually like it more. It just goes with so many things without being too loud. It was so hard to tell from comparing other images so I'm trying to add my swatch image, but it's not a very good one, unfortunately. The downside with all of these is that they are so dry. Drier than the matte lipsticks. The color does last a little longer, but you have to resist the urge to lick or rub your lips together cuz you really can't. If you do, or if you eat, they kind of ball up and get chunky on your lips, in which case you have to reapply, regardless of if you exfoliated. So they are long-ish lasting, but for normal to day to day activities you will need to totally reapply it. I also think any liquids dry much faster than you can use it up, or that you would use up a regular stick of lipstick. But I do like this formula better than the lingerie, and this is my favorite of the 3 I bought on myself. I have frequently thought of getting a back up.

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