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15 Hacks To Get You Through The Holidays

15 Hacks To Get You Through The Holidays


Holiday season is the busiest season, as you begin your Christmas shopping or arrange travel plans to visit family. The last thing you need is added stress. Popsugar recently published a list of holiday hacks to get you through the busiest time of the year in one piece. Will you be trying any of these?

Color Code Wrapping Paper

Having trouble keeping track of which gifts are for whom? Assign a different color wrapping paper to each person to eliminate any confusion. This will save you time and avoid the extra step of having to write down each name.


Take a Picture of Your Fridge Before Going Grocery Shopping

We’ve all been there before. We’re scrambling to throw some food together for a holiday party and end up overbuying. This will save you both time and money. Everyone knows you’re already on a budget as is during this time of year.


Use Cooking Spray When Shoveling Snow

Spraying cooking oil on the shovel helps you dig the snow quicker and prevents it from sticking to the shovel. So if you know you’re going to be doing a lot of shoveling this winter, stock up on that cooking spray now!


Clear Your History Before Searching For Flights

When you browse the internet, it’s common for websites and companies to cookie you. In other words, they keep track of your browsing habits and try to retarget you. Booking sites will track how many times you’ve visited their site and searched a route, which automatically raises prices for that flight.Clearing your browser of cookies will make it look like you’re visiting that website for the first time. Who knew?


Use an App to Keep Track of Your Family's Wish Lists

These days, there’s an app for everything. The holiday season is stressful, especially when it comes to shopping. Stay organized with an app like Santa’s Bag, which allows you to not only create lists for each member of the family, but you can set a budget for yourself as well!


Create Card Holders Out of Candy Canes

This is a cute and easy DIY project you should definitely try for your next holiday party, especially if you’re having a lot of guests over. Take three or four candy canes and wrap them together upside down. Tie them together with festive ribbon. Attach your paper name cards and there you have it!


Use Double-Sided Tape for Gifts

If you’re particular about presentation and enjoy wrapping gifts, you should know about this hack. Double-sided tape keeps the folds and edges clean and makes your gift look like it was wrapped by a professional.


Create Your Own Cards

Let’s be real, have you ever wondered how much money you spent on cards alone during the holiday season? You can create your own cards using photo editing sites like Canva, which offers a variety of free layouts and designs.


Use Condiment Bottles For Cookie Decorating

If you love to bake during the holiday season, you might want to try this hack. Decorating cookies can get messy and stressful, especially with children. Fill up some condiment bottles with frosting to help eliminate some of the mess.


Depart on a Monday

With a lot of people making travel arrangements for the holiday season, it’s normal to see a spike in airfare prices around this time of year. If you’re searching for a flight this holiday season, try finding a Monday-to-Monday trip, as these ones have the best prices. In addition, flying out during the week will help you avoid fewer airport crowds.


Utilize Social Media

Sign up for those newsletters and make sure you’re following your and your loved ones’ favorite shops and sites because this will be your key to scoring insider holiday sales and deals. Who doesn’t love saving money?


Use Green Tinsel to Make Your Tree Look Fuller

Simply wrap the edges and inner branches with green tinsel to round out the tree, making it look fuller, without having to buy a larger tree.


Use Egg Cartons to Store Ornaments

To prevent smaller ornaments from breaking, use an empty egg carton to store them until next holiday season.


Wrap Lights Around a Hanger to Prevent Tangling

Stay organized and eliminate the stress out of holiday decorating by wrapping your lights around hangers. This makes them easier to store.


Pack by Outfit

We’ve all packed for a trip only to realize that we didn’t wear half of the clothes we brought. Plan out your outfits for each day to ensure you pack only what you need.

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