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OPI GelColor - Yank My Doodle 0.5 oz - #GCW58

Fun color

Pretty, nice formula. Held up nicely.

New favorite

This is probably the smoothest Essie formula I have ever worked with. The color is beautiful. Would absolutely recommend.

No regrets

Nice polish- held up nicely, really decent formula and removal was smooth. Looks pretty on the nails. Definitely recommend.

Gorgeous color

My go-to dark polish. I love it. My husband loves it.

Great selection

After numerous attempts to order via our regular supplier, we were fortunate to find Beyond Polish. Not only were nearly all of our selections available but they were shipped in a very timely manner. Very satisfied customer!


Went on smoothly and looked great. Gorgeous color.


Opi is using structural pigments to give interest to their polishes again. When I saw the regular version, I wondered if it would be a dupe for the first edition of My Private Jet, the first black linear holo nail polish ever created! Alas, the holo particles are a different size or type than those in My Private Jet I. Instead, there is a muted linear holo effect that is still lovely, but much less apparent, even in bright sun. The GelColor version also incorporates holo particles, but there is a scatered rather than linear effect. That polish is a really lovely "starry sky" type of polish. Because the "glitter" particles are actually fine structural pigments, there are no gritty bumps as in Heart and Coal. It’s a lovely gel, and it removes faster than Heart and Coal. Congrats to Opi for two lovely if different polishes to celebrate their anniversary!

Great Product

This set contains versatile nude colors. The gel is just perfect and the brush works excellent on the nails.

Another stunning polish

The bottle doesn't even give it enough justice. So beautiful I for sure will be back for more polishes like this. I don't understand how they made such a gorgeous polish. The shift is amazing the reflection of the polish is just so yummy... I'm just so happy I bought some of the money I have ever spent.

This color is unbelievable

This polish is just amazing you just have to see it in person. I even sent them an email telling them how amazing this polish is. The reflection and the shimmer is just stunning. I was shocked and surprised how beautiful this polish is you need this polish in your life.

Color isn't as nice as I remember

This color is glittery, as opposed to being evenly pearlized. It's okay, but not what I expected

Expensive and Disappointing!

The gel is very sheer. The cap and brush separate frequently, with the brush staying in the bottle when the cap screws off. It is comparable to IBD Just Gel, which has similar colors, but with better application and better caps and brushes, and a much lower price point.


The color looks interesting in the photos, but coverage is very thin. For full coverage you need at least three coats. The cap is also a problem as it repeatedly separates from the brush, which remains on the top of the bottle. For such a high price, it is not superior nor better in anyway than any less expensive American gel polish. It is comparable to IBD Just Gel, which is available a a much lower price point.

Kenzico Gel Polish

I tried using this polish over dip nails using a base coat and a top coat and it peeled off. I tried roughing the nail and applying the Kenzico, it bubbled and peeled. I could not find any useful information on how to apply this.

Love the color / Hate the customer service

I've been loving all the CND products I've purchased, but Beyond Polish still owes me points from my first purchase and no one has been able to rectify and adjust the account. Love CND. Shop somewhere else. Just sayin'

Excellent Product

Wonderful. Lasts a long time.

More shine

I love the color. I just wish it had more shine to it. I plan on trying the Infinite Shine base and top coats to see if it remedies the lack of shine.

Zoya Polish

All the polishes I have bought within this month are beautiful in their own way. I like the quality of Zoya polish. Thank you.


I wanted to love this but it only lasted about 4 days on me before it started lifting and peeling off. Granted my nails aren’t in the best condition but I need it to last longer. With that being said removal is a breeze.

Love it

This is one of my favorite polishes.ooks great and wears well.

One of the better products I've tried

Like most of you, I get tired of wasting my money on products that don't meet expectations or claims. This shine spray by Wella is an exception. I can see the difference and my hair doesn't appear greasy. Obviously nothing is going to work miracles but I would recommend this! Just lightly spray on your hair and work it through with your fingers.

Never again

The color of this polish was completely different from what I was expected, as a matter of fact, I would never have purchased this color ever. It is a ugly shade of blue which is probably why the color on the website is to get people to purchase it. It was so different that I thought I bought the wrong color. I know that polish colors could vary from the picture, but come on! I will never buy colored polish online again.

So easy

The site is so easy to navigate…1-2-3 I picked out what I wanted, ordered it, and it arrived quickly. You have a very happy customer. Thank you

CND Shellac - Matte Top Coat 0.25 oz

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