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Beautiful everyday sheer color

A tinted pink sheer that looks great year round. I liked two coats for best results. Made the white tips stand out still and has a beautiful very tiny shimmer. I also put on top of other colors to make more muted lighter tones. (Second photo is two coats whisper and one coat negligee)


The best color for all the brides!!

Red Stone Gel Color

Love ❤️ Love ❤️ Love. Beautiful dark red color with some sparkle. My NEW favorite!

nail polish

its ok getting use to pink polish always used dark wine

Not the same color as the Laquer

I love this color in laquer, but the gel version is missing any hint of green. This is just a blue with sparkles which was disappointing. Not sure why the discrepancy between the two.

Pretty Color but there’s glitter!!

I love the color but there some shimmer to it which I’m not a fan of. Otherwise, nice polish.


Wow! I’m super impressed! This polish has serious indie vibes for me. It’s perfect in 2 coats, self levels, and has a gorgeous but subtle shift from purple to fuchsia. It glows on my nails. Loving it!

Pretty neutral pink

Pretty shimmer type neutral color that is more of a light pink. I really like the softness of it and it only takes 2 coats.

My Favorite

I love Bubble Bath. It looks so natural on my nails and it doesn't matter if they are short or long, it looks great everytime!!!

Wrong color

The polish I have had is a different color. The polish you sent was frosted, and the one I have is not.

Basic pinkish taupe

Basic is not too bad with this shade, but I can think of other dupes that fall in this same realm of pink-brown-nude colors. This shade needs at least 2 coats for coverage, and while I personally think it would look great matte, it also looks really nice as a muted nude too. If you are looking for a warm-toned neutral, this is it! But if you have a lot of understated neutrals already, you may be underwhelmed.

Love this color

Perfect gray!!

Lovely colors

This set is absolutely wonderful! Great value and the quality is amazing! 5 Stars!!!

Pop of red

Dutch Tulips is a great all year red. Live that it works for every season and it’s lovely to wear with a muted outfit to really show off those tips! I do love a good red mani.


Suzuki Talks With Her Hands is a versatile color. Is it almost green? Maybe. Is it gray? Maybe. I LOVE any gray and this is a great color for fall, winter and possibly even spring . Love how smooth the application is a well. OPI is top knotch!

Daily applied, long lasting

2nd bottle

I love this product.

Does the job!

Works well. Fills ridges and peels and grips polish. I'm very pleased.


I love this color. Very pretty purple/red wine color. Applies great.

Winter shimmer, not bright white

This is a nice winter shimmer polish. However it looks a bit different online than in person. On my nails, it looks more like a silver metallic polish with yellow/gold undertones. Almost like a champagne metallic? I was expecting a bright white shimmer.

Dark charcoal

Orly breathable is my favorite nail polish line and this one didn’t disappoint. The formula is wonderful and you pretty much only need one coat. This color is not a jet black, more of a dark charcoal. My one small complaint is that the brush seems defective. Typically the orly brush is really smooth and nice for pairing, but the one I received was jagged and seemed like it had not been trimmed/shaped. The brush made it difficult to paint perfectly clean lines on my nails. I still love it, but I might need to figure out how to get a different brush for it.

Nice color, mediocre polish

There must have been something wrong with the bottle I got. It was goopy, took hours to dry (not exaggerating, it took about five hours), smeared constantly, wouldn’t go on evenly, and was an all around bad experience to apply. It didn’t seem like other Essie polish I had tried, so I wonder if something was wrong with this bottle.

Love this color

Great icy winter blue with shimmer. It goes on well and with a top coat lasted over two weeks with no chips.

Shipment never arrived. I corrected the address, but nothing.

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