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Indigo Frock

I did my nails last night with the shellac and today had my pedi with the matching color. My manicurist only uses CND products and this polish always goes on well, covers like a dream, and wears for a month. It is one of my favorite shades.

Teal Textile

I have used the shellac in this shade and like it very much. I have not had the opportunity to have a pedi with it yet but will soon. The shade is very nice and like all CND polishes it covers well so I am sure it won't disappoint when I get my next pedi

Teal Textile

Lovely shade and has good coverage. I like it very much. It is much like the Morning Dew, but has a little shimmer to it. I used it right away. Goes with everything really, kind of a neutral color

Creamy and such a pretty blue for the summer. If on natural nails, 3 or 4 coats are needed.

Wonderful product for little ones. So much fun.

The glitter pieces are hard to pick up with the brush.

Very fine glitter with several bigger pieces here and there. Just perfect.

I appreciate it that..

I appreciate it that they take their time to ship things right! They bubble wrap the stuff up nicely.. make sure the box is sealed all the way. They also even add styrofoam if they see it necessary! Good job! Job well done!

Great colors! Nice selection available on site.

OPI Nail Lacquer - OPI Red 0.5 oz - #NLL72


Really like it. No complaints.


Shipping was perfect


I love this nail polish!

Haven’t yet used

Still haven’t used

Great polish barely a tinge of pink

Great polish and helps make my nails stronger but there is really no color to it, it’s clear with the most tiny subtle hint of pink. Not the color on the color swatch in the pictures for the polish.

I have never gotten it!

Wrong Color in Images

While the polishes themselves are great and arrived on time, I would like it noted that one of the colors represented in the images is incorrect. You will receive 007 which is a bright orange/red NOT 077 as show in the image. I am disappointed but still happy with the purchase. The product images should be updated ASAP.

I like how neutral this color is.

This color was just as I was hoping it would. Very neutral but also has a pop of color.

As a professional for 25 years I’m really starting to dislike opi. The product isn’t what it used to be and the collections are terrible. Same ol colors all the time. My clients complain about it.

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