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Introducing Apres Gel Couleur: Gel Polish Elevated

Introducing Apres Gel Couleur: Gel Polish Elevated



Apres Gel Couleur has arrived at Beyond Polish. Gel Couleur offers a smooth, highly pigmented formula that provides amazing color payoff. But Gel Couleur takes it a step further by also providing the perfect tools along with the perfect color. 

The bottles have a sleek design with a gold cap, which will make them stand out from the rest of the gel colors in your collection. Each bottle also comes with the revolutionary Brush-X that is both a convenient tool for pros and a helpful aid for DIYers. The bristles are made from PBT fibers. Brush-X has the same dense and compact feel of a Japanese nail art brush. This means with Gel Couleur you will get the easiest, most precise color application you've ever experienced. So whether you're a pro, amateur, woman, or man, one color or nail art -- with Apres Gel Couleur, you can BE EVERYTHING!

Apres Gel Couleur

Apres Gel Couleur Features

  • highly opaque, medium viscosity gel perfect for one color or nail art
  • Brush-X made of PBT fibers create a denser, Japanese nail art-like brush
  • Pure gel formula means NO tacky layer after curing
  • Cures in 30 seconds under an LED lamp
  • PRO TIP: Because of how highly pigmented Gel Couleur is, less is more! Applying thinner layers creates a better finish while still providing full coverage opacity

How to Use Apres Gel Couleur

After prepping the natural nails and applying the base coat, apply a layer of Apres Gel Couleur then cure for 30 seconds under an LED lamp. Follow with a second coat, curing for 30 seconds. Finish with the Apres Non-Wipe Top Gelcoat. NOTE: When applying on the Gel-X tips, NO base coat is needed. 


About Apres

As a pioneer in soft gel nail extension technology, Apres Nail is united by one common motif-creating standards and not trends. Their patented products are developed with one goal in mind: to break the habit of fast nail fashion and pave the way for compelling change in the professional nail industry. Apres works alongside nail technicians to understand what the market and industry want and need. They deliver with quality, consistency, and innovation.

Which color(s) are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below! As always, if you try out the collection, share your photos with us on Instagram and Facebook by tagging us @beyondpolish and use the hashtag #PolishWithBeyond. You might get featured!

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