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The Benefits Of Gel Nail Extensions


Posted on July 01 2022


Gel nail extensions have become increasingly popular over the last couple and since the start of the pandemic, more and more people have been learning to do their nails at home. But if you're new to gel nail extensions, don't worry. We're here to break everything down for you so you can master your perfect manicure. 

What are the benefits of nail extensions?

  • wide range of lengths & shapes - whether you want to keep a natural look or go bold, YOU can customize your look to your preferences
  • flexibility & durability - most gel nail extensions are lightweight and comfortable
  • efficient - are you someone who changes your manicure often? Nail extensions are quick & easy to remove
  • safer & healthier than acrylic nails - no drilling, no odor, safer removal process
  • long wear - depending on how you use your hands, gel nail extensions can last up to 5 weeks!

Gel Nail Extensions vs Acrylic Nails

According to nail technician Trenna Seney, the main difference between gel nail extensions and acrylic nails is in the polymerization process, ease of removal and density. Gel nail extensions don't have a strong odor and there's no filing involved. 

Acrylics tend to be less flexible than gel nail extensions because of their hardness. So removing them could potentially damage your natural nails (due to the filing and buffing). 

Check out the different nail extensions that are currently available on our site:

Kiara Sky Gelly Tips


Applying & Removing Gel Nail Extensions

Gel nail extensions usually come in a set. If you're getting them done at the salon, the technician will usually prepare the nails then apply the form underneath the natural nail to create length using a gel builder, gel primer and top coat. Then they are cured under an LED or UV lamp. 

Removing gel nail extensions can slightly vary depending on the brand you're using. For example, Apres Gel-X extensions are made of soft gel so they can easily be removed by soaking off. 

CND Plexigel


Overall, there are many benefits to gel nail extensions. Not only are they easy to apply and remove, they are also safer than acrylic and are available in a wide variety of shapes and lengths so you can create any look you want. Be sure to check out our complete collection of nail extensions below!



Have you tried nail extensions? Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments below! As always, we'd love to see your #nailfies! Share your photos with us on Instagram or Facebook by tagging us 

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