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Cirque Colors - California Dreamin' 2024 Collection

Cirque Colors - California Dreamin' 2024 Collection

Embrace the vibrant spirit of California with the Cirque Colors California Dreamin' Collection, a dazzling tribute to the sun-soaked days and artistic vibes of Venice Beach. Picture tie-dye patterns, spray-painted skateboards, and a nostalgic yearning for LA sunshine—all wrapped into one radiant ensemble. Get ready to soak up the sun with your crocheted bucket hat and a generous layer of sunscreen, because these shimmering neon shades are designed to shine, glowing brilliantly even under blacklight. Hang ten with a collection that's as dynamic and lively as the Golden State itself.


Bitchin’ is a neon purple nail polish featuring a turquoise blue shimmer. It’s also packed with glimmering shimmer pigments which give a unique multidimensional finish, unlike any other.

Serious surfers know that surfing on a sunny, blue-sky day is picturesque but not practical. To catch the best waves away from crowds, you must brave early mornings, cold water, and territorial locals—both human and animal!

Day Tripper

Day Tripper is a neon coral nail polish with a gold shimmer. It's packed with glimmering shimmer pigments that give a unique multidimensional finish. 

Sunny weekends are the ideal time for day trips of all kinds. Gather your friends, load up the car, and start early. Whether you’re venturing north to Ojai, east to Joshua Tree, or south to San Diego, let your nails mirror the vibrancy of your adventures.


Flamingo is a neon pink nail polish with a blue shimmer that's perfect for pool party season! Packed with glimmering shimmer pigments, it offers a unique multidimensional finish.

Those plastic flamingos may seem kitschy, but they signal the start of pool party season! If you don't have a pool, you might need to get creative.


Kokomo is a neon turquoise nail polish with a pink shimmer that's perfect for summer vibes. Packed with glimmering shimmer pigments, it offers a unique multidimensional finish.

The Beach Boys sang about Caribbean islands, but California's Golden Coast boasts stunning destinations too. Explore, camp, dive, kayak, and immerse yourself in nature on any of the eight Channel Islands—just be sure you're headed for the right boat, not Alcatraz!

High Society

High Society  is a neon green nail polish with a copper shimmer that delivers a unique multidimensional finish, perfect for standing out in style.

Your aunt embraces "California sober," and even your once straight-edge friend now praises the benefits of marijuana. But let's not forget, from 1960s counter-culture to Snoop Dogg, 420 has long been a vital part of the California vibe.


Catalina is a faded neon blue nail polish with a pink shimmer that boasts a unique multidimensional finish, perfect for adding a splash of color to any look. Escape the mainland to Catalina Island for a quick getaway. Skip the yacht parties and opt for a more adventurous approach: sneak supplies, camp in a secluded spot, and enjoy a festival-style party with friends.


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