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NEW CND Strengthener RXx & Fortifier RXx

NEW CND Strengthener RXx & Fortifier RXx


Are your nails feeling weak and brittle? Do you dream of having strong, healthy nails that can withstand everyday activities? Look no further! CND™ brings you the ultimate solution to your nail care needs with their latest innovation – CND™ Strengthener RXx.

What makes CND™ Strengthener RXx so special?

CND™ Strengthener RXx is a revolutionary nail treatment formulated with a blend of powerful ingredients that will transform your nails. With the perfect combination of celery seed extract and Tsubaki oil, this treatment is designed to strengthen your natural nails from within.

CND Strengthener Rxx Fortifier RXx | Beyond Polish

How does it work?

When applied, CND™ Strengthener RXx acts as a protective barrier, helping to build and repair your nails. It augments thickness and smooths the surface, leaving your nails feeling stronger and healthier after just 14 days of use.

Why choose CND™ Strengthener RXx?

There are several reasons why CND™ Strengthener RXx stands out from other nail treatments on the market:

  1. Breathable Vegan Formula: Our premium treatment is water and oxygen permeable, allowing your nails to breathe and stay healthy.
  2. Quick Drying: No more waiting around for your nails to dry. CND™ Strengthener RXx dries quickly, saving you time and hassle.
  3. For At-Home Users and Nail Professionals: Whether you're a nail enthusiast looking to improve your at-home nail care routine or a professional nail technician working in a salon, CND™ Strengthener RXx is the perfect choice for you.

Experience the CND™ Difference

At CND™, we are committed to providing the highest quality nail care products. Our Strengthener RXx is backed by scientific research and formulated by industry experts. With CND™ Strengthener RXx, you can trust that you're using a product that delivers real results.

Don't let weakened or damaged nails hold you back. Try CND™ Strengthener RXx today and say hello to stronger, healthier nails!


  • CARE: Celery Seed Extract (helps increase nail thickness & smooth nail surface)
  • CONDITION: Tsubaki Oil (Camellia Flower Seed Oil) -- conditions with squalene & essential vitamins such as OMega-6, Omega-9, Vitamins A, B, E & Zinc
  • COAT: Enamel / Lacquer Coating -- a gentle and quick-drying clear coat designed to create a protective barrier for the nail

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