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Introducing the new "Be Mine" Valentine's Day Collection

Introducing the new "Be Mine" Valentine's Day Collection



Hey BP Family! Are you ready to add more elegant jewelry to your collection? Our friends at Etoi have the answer for you! We collaborated with Etoi to create a perfect Valentine’s Day collection. The perfect mani comes with the perfect jewelry. Etoi wants all the BP family to look the best not just on Valentine’s day but all year round. Etoi has the forever jewelry you need to add to your collection. From the gold statement rings to a big bold chunky necklace, you will find accessories you will need.





There are many of you who are new and have not heard of Etoi. Let’s give you a little more information. Etoi wants you to express yourself in your creative way. The accessories are created to help bring out your uniqueness. You can switch up your style every day. Etoi wants you to find that special piece to wear and let your true self shine.



Fashion is always changing. Many people want to get the latest trends in fashion. Add a piece of jewelry to elevate your look. Jewelry can change your outfit look. Adding a chunky necklace to change up the basics you wear every day is an eye-catcher! The great thing is that we are great friends with Etoi!




Looking at the collection, you might wonder where to start. The common question is what color jewelry works well with my skin tone. We have the perfect answer for you! We created a guide to help you figure out where to start with jewelry.

Skin tone

This is a common way to figure out what jewelry color is perfect for you. To determine your skin tone take a look at your veins. Yes! You read that right.

  • If you have blue or purple veins then you have a cool skin tone. You tend to struggle to tan in the sun and you burn easily. Cool undertones mean your skin has a hint of pink.
  • If you have green or greenish-blue veins then you have a warm skin tone. You tend to tan easily and rarely get burns. Warm undertones mean you lean towards peachy, yellow, or golden tones.
  • If you can’t tell whether your veins are blue or green, you most likely have a neutral skin tone.

What looks best on what skin tone?

There are no rules to finding out what looks best on what skin tone because it is just your preference. If you want to rock a different color that did not match the guide we created - Go for it! We love how Etoi wants their customer to express themselves the way they want to. They believe that anyone can wear what they like if that is their choice. We understand that it can be overwhelming if you are branching out to jewelry for the first time. Here is a guide to help get you started on what can look best for your skin tone.  

For all the cool skin tone people, try a light or white metal. White gold, platinum, or silver is your best friend!

The color match for a warm skin tone is yellow, copper, or brass accessories.

We cannot forget about our neutral skin tones! You get the best of both worlds because yellow or silver will match perfectly.

What about Rose Gold?

You might wonder what about rose gold? Rose gold is a versatile color and works well with all three skin tones.  It is a new hype color! We see it all the time on the fashion runways. We recommend everyone to try out some rose gold accessories. 

Make the jewelry personal

Although we are giving you some helpful tips to get started with jewelry, these are not the rules you have to follow. Jewelry is great when you make it personal. We want you to enjoy what you wear. Accessories should help you express yourself and show others how bold or minimalistic you are. Just like what Etoi stands for, the special accessories you add to your collection are supposed to let your inner self shine. 





Let us know down in the comment section what skin tone do you have? We love to know. If you purchase any jewelry, take a picture, tag us and use the hashtag #GoBeyondTheBottle. Keep up with us by signing up for our newsletter, text messaging club and follow our social! We also have an app that will help make your shopping experience with us a lot easier.





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