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How To Apply Eye Makeup For Your Eye Shape


Posted on November 21 2018

With so many different colors and palettes, it can be overwhelming to know what best suits your eye shape. Everyone is different. Our eyes are all different, and certain techniques are required to create a flattering look. Byrdie spoke with celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman and got his tips on the right shadow application technique to complement any eye shape.

Almond Eye Shape

Photo from BeautyHeaven

Freedman says that almond-shaped eyes are “the most fun eye shape to make up.” He recommends using a matte taupe color over the lid, in the crease, and on the brow bone. Then use a deeper matte shade on the outer corner and blend both lines together with a brush. If you want to make your eyes pop, he suggests adding a champagne shimmer pencil or shadow to the inner eye and tear duct area. Avoid applying a shimmery shade across the entire lid because it can make that area too prominent.

Round Eye Shape

Photo from StyleCaster

According to Freedman, the key to creating the perfect look for round eyes is to apply the most vivid part of the makeup on the top lash line and on the outer corners. He advises to keep the lower lash line very minimal. Draw a soft, smudged taupe line on the lower lash line using a shade that’s lighter than the color on the top lid. Finish the look with a light application of mascara. Apply a darker shadow upward and out for an edgier look.

Hooded Eye Shape

Photo from Abaca

When he works with actresses that have hooded eyes, Freedman takes the lid out of the equation. He uses a smokey taupe eye shadow along the lash line, across the lid, and into the crease. This technique also works best if you have uneven lids. To add dimension and bring out the shape of the eye, Freedman uses a darker shadow along the lash line and blends it into the taupe color.

Down-Turned Eye Shape

Photo from Teen Vogue

Freedman suggests keeping darker shadows on the top lash line for this eye shape. He explains, “You want lift - so lots of lashes on top, minimal on the bottom.” To achieve this “lifted” look, Freedman suggests using a brown mascara on the lower lash line instead of black. Highlight the brow bone will also pull the attention upward.


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