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The Colors Everyone Will Be Wearing This Fall

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Posted on September 21 2018

Now that summer is over, we're ready for pumpkin spice lattes! It's time cool things down with darker tones. We're here to break down some of this season's beauty trends.


One of the popular hair trends this fall is known as "Cold Brew Hair." It's exactly what it sounds like: a color combination of different shades of brown that tie in together to create a beautiful and natural look. NYC-based colorist Stephanie Brown (who claims to be the inventor of the cold brew color) says that the key to achieving the shiny brown color is to ask your stylist to ribbon rich highlights and lowlights throughout your hair for dimension. She equates it to a similar look "when you pour a little bit of your milk into your coffee." Other popular hair colors this fall include deep browns, honey blonde, light blonde, rich reds, and vibrant coppers.


Cheeks: Bronzer is out, and fair skin is in. As your summer glow begins to fade, adding a little blush creates a subtle pop of color that’s perfect for any fall look. Rosy cheeks give you the perfect balance of color without overpowering bold lips or eyes. Use light powders and concealers. Less is more with foundation.

Eyes: The smoky eye is back. Swap out your metallic liner for traditional black. Keep it classy with a winged look. Deconstructed eyeliner is great when you want to add a subtle change to your look. Or you could out your favorite dark eye shadow for a bolder style. Define and sculpt your brows using your favorite powder or gel.

Lips: Try a plum or burgundy lip color to create a soft autumn look. Or try a chestnut shade for a more natural look that doesn't feel dated. A classic red lip is the centerpiece of a polished makeup look that’s timeless.


Keeping the same color trend for nails, dark colors are also in as we begin to move away from the bright neon shades of summer. Popular nail shades for fall include plum, navy blue, espresso, grey, burgundy, and black. For subtle pops of color, you can opt for a rusty orange, emerald green, or white. Here are our recommendations:

Browse our fall color collection here!

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