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Get Ready With Natalie @nataliemckeough

Get Ready With Natalie @nataliemckeough



If you think Kylie Jenner was the first one to flaunt a rainbow french manicure, then you haven't been following Natalie @nataliemckeough. Meet your new style + beauty crush.

As a full-time fashion buyer, style doesn't stop at her fingertips. Natalie shares her beauty essentials for video conference calls and the best part about learning how to do your gel manicures at home. Cuticle oil and a glass of wine is definitely involved, but depending on what day it is - it may not be necessarily in that order. 

When you aren’t painting a signature french mani with a new twist (if you haven’t seen her rainbow mani yet, check it out here), what can we find you doing?

I’m a full time fashion buyer so my weekdays are filled with merchandising. Outside of work, I love finding new style trends, trying out new restaurants with my husband, making style/beauty content for my instagram and website, and learning how to do new creative things. I’m always trying to create something!

On days when you have zoom meetings, what are your essentials?

I’ve been having zoom calls almost every week day for work so my essentials have to be quick but effective. I usually do a five minute makeup (here’s my tutorial), put my hair in a low tight bun, hoop earrings, and on my nails, at the very least have cuticle oil. Cuticle oil is a MUST. This one’s my favorite - it smells so good.

Tell us about nudes -- and some of your favorite nail polish colors.

Nudes are such a staple for me across all beauty products. Nude lipsticks, Nude (tonal/clean) makeup, and nude nails definitely represent me- I love clean and classic looks. I have a few nude nail polishes that I keep on rotation at all times. OPI Bubble Bath - so pretty, soft, and fresh. I read this is @rosiehw favorite nude! If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me haha! My second favorite nude polish is OPI Tiramisu For Two - This one is opaque, creamy, with a slight pink and tan based which I find so beautiful alone or with a colored tip. I love this color during the winter and even when I'm more tan in summer months. And lastly, CND Romantique had to make this list. This nude is so special to me because I wore it on my wedding day. I love this color because it’s the perfect amount of nude and white that finishes as the perfect milky shade. I also love that I can wear two coats of it for a sheer finish or three coats for a more milky finish.

Now, let’s get into more nail talk. We first crossed paths with you after seeing a tagged photo of a dark red french (check it out here). It was swoon at first sight for us. How did you get into doing your own nails?

Thank you! Those are one of my favorites still! I started doing my own nails because I moved to a new city and couldn’t find a salon that I liked. I was pretty comfortable with painting my own nails with regular polish so I thought I should try to do my own shellac mani and the rest was history. The first few attempts were a struggle but after a few times, my at home shellac manis were lasting more than two weeks! I wish I started doing my own nails sooner!


French Tip Nail Art

What about doing your own nails do you love the most?

So many things...I love that I could be in the comfort of my own home, with a glass of wine while watching my tv show. I also love that everything is on my own timeline and if I make a mistake I can fix it myself. I don’t feel bad refiling or checking on every finger to make sure the gel isn’t touching my cuticles before curing it under a lamp. I would feel so guilty at the salon when I called out any mistakes but now I don’t have to. My nails are perfect every time I do them. But...being able to save so much money is the icing on the cake!

If there’s one nail art design that anyone can try, what design can you suggest to try at home?

Nail art was so intimidating to me when I first tried it but then I realized it’s all about having fun. The first nail art I recommend anyone trying is a colored french tip. It’s self explanatory and you don’t need special tools.

Tips for getting your manicure at-home feeling like you just came back from the salon?

For me to feel like my at home mani is salon worthy, I have to use salon quality polish - more importantly a high quality base and top coat. These are my favorite. I also can’t live without a cuticle trimmer, nail file, acetone, and small brush to clean up edges. But the final touch that really makes a difference is cuticle oil. I never feel like I’ve completed a fresh mani until I’ve put on cuticle oil!

Lastly, who are your favorite creatives for style inspiration and nail artists that inspire you?

There are soooo many but if I had to narrow down my list, I'd pick these amazing women.

@Yoon_Ambush - Yoon is so cool. Her style, jewelry, style collabs, and personal story are so inspirational. There aren’t many Asian American women with prominence in the luxury and streetwear fashion space so I really look up to her for breaking that barrier. She’s a Men’s jewelry designer for Dior, had collabs with many brands like Nike, styled so many artists like Riri and Kanye...she can do it all!

@Hannahbronfman- Hannah is a badass…. She is a DJ, founder of @HBFIT, a dancer, author, passionate about health and fitness, and has been getting amazing nail art by @nailsbymei for years. Hannah inspires me because she’s so authentic, relatable, talented, smart, and fun.

@Kristennoelcrawley - Kristen is really dope! When I grow up I want to be like her; a mother with perfect style balance of street and luxury, founder of @KNCbeauty, and literally always has fire nails…. Her nails even have an instagram. The cherry on top is that I’ve met her and she was so kind. 

A common theme I'm finding is that I admire women that are multifaceted, creative, and entrepreneurial.

Natalie with Kristen Noel Crawley

 Colored French Tutorial 

Natalie takes us step-by-step on how to create her signature french manicure. 



To recreate Natalie's #nailart, shop the items below:

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For more at-home manicure nail art tutorials, fashion and more, follow Natalie on Instagram @nataliemckeough





Great read! Love her style. Can’t wait to try this tutorial at home.

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