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Taylor Swift Is All For This Spring Nail Trend

Taylor Swift Is All For This Spring Nail Trend


There’s been a lot of buzz around a certain pop star leading up to the release of her new single, which debuted this morning. We’re talking about Taylor Swift. If you’ve been following Taylor, you may have noticed something different about her Instagram. It seems like she’s swapped her dark lipstick and gothic wardrobe to pastel colors, flowers, and butterflies. Confetti nails are the new spring trend, thanks to Taylor.

Confetti nails are exactly what they sound like. It’s layers of confetti that creates a more texturized effect than glitter polish and definitely makes more of a statement. Taylor posted a photo on April 14th of her sparkly manicure with the caption “4.26” hinting at new music.

Speaking of making a statement, remember the outfit she wore to this year's iHeartRadio Music Awards?


With over 116 million followers, it's not a surprise that this nail trend is on the rise. If you want to add a little sparkle to your look this spring, here are some of our favorites!

OPI - Glitter All The Way


Essie - Making Spirits Bright


China Glaze - Beach It Up


OPI - Let's Celebrate


Essie - Of Quartz


OPI - Pile On The Sprinkles


OPI - Born To Sparkle


Essie - Stop, Look & Glisten


OPI - You Little Shade Shifter

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