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I Scream Nails Xtra Dimensional

I Scream Nails Xtra Dimensional

Introducing the I Scream Nails Xtra Dimensional Collection, where nail polish meets multidimensional magic! Each shade features our long-lasting PLUS formula for vibrant, ever-changing colors that stand out wherever you go. Perfect for the bold and daring, these unique multi-chromes ensure your nails are always captivating. Plus, with this collection, you get premium quality at an incredible value. Express yourself in the most fun and extraordinary way possible with the Xtra Dimensional Collection.

Fifth Dimension

Step into the Fifth Dimension with a stunning blend of shifting silver, red, blue, and green. Every angle reveals a new, captivating hue, transcending the ordinary and transporting your nails to an otherworldly realm of color.

Speed of Light

Accelerate your style with Speed of Light, a breathtaking multi-chrome polish shifting from rich bronze to vibrant green. This unique shade captures the dazzling essence of light speed, turning your nails into the ultimate statement piece.

Extreme Velocity

Experience the thrill of Extreme Velocity, where dynamic shades of purple, yellow, and green collide in a stunning display. This polish defies expectations with its bold, captivating shifts, perfect for those who crave extraordinary nail art.


Get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of Warped, a jade and blue multichrome that twists and turns with every move. Its intense color shifts create a kaleidoscopic journey, ensuring your nails never go unnoticed.



Unleash the power of Intensity, a bold jade and mauve multi-chrome that demands attention. Its striking color shifts create a dramatic, unforgettable look, perfect for those who dare to stand out.


 Hyper Reality

Step into Hyper Reality with this stunning red and gold multi-chrome. Each stroke reveals a luxurious, shimmering shift, transforming your nails into a canvas of mesmerizing, ever-changing beauty.

Time Loop 

Bend the rules of time with Time Loop, a captivating mauve and green multi-chrome. This unique polish shifts seamlessly between shades, creating an illusion of infinite depth and dimension on your nails.



Experience the allure of Gravitation, a stunning blue and mauve multi-chrome that shifts with remarkable intensity. This polish embodies the magic of multiple dimensions, making your nails as extraordinary as you are.


More about the I Scream Nails PLUS Collection:

**Long-Lasting Wear: Enjoy up to 14 days of flawless, chip-free nails.
**Superior Wide Brush: Easy, precise application with every stroke.
**Strengthens and Hydrates: Promotes overall nail health.
**Ridge-Smoothing: Minimizes imperfections for a perfect canvas.
**Quick-Dry Technology: Fast-drying for a busy schedule.
**Self-Leveling Finish: Effortlessly achieve a professional look.
**Plant-Based, Vegan, Cruelty-Free: Eco-friendly and ethical choice.
**10-Free Formula: Free from harmful chemicals.
**Breathable and Permeable: Maintains nail health.
**Made with Love in Australia: Handcrafted with the highest quality standards.


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