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KBShimmer Summer Vibes

KBShimmer Summer Vibes



Summer means it's time to relax and soak up the warm weather and sunshine. With calendars no longer filled with homework and meetings, it's the season for weekend trips to the lake or park. Long days invite leisurely cookouts with family and friends, where there's no rush to head to bed. To beat the heat, kids flock to local pools, and even adults can't resist jumping in. Local fairs offer new adventures, with crazy deep-fried foods and cool drinks, perfect for a summer day.

Introducing KBShimmer's Summer Nail Polish Collection

This summer, KBShimmer is bringing you nine vibrant nail polish shades to help you feel those summer vibes. Sumptuous shimmers, shifty hues, flake-filled jellies, and a hint of sparkle bring a touch of summertime to your nails.

Beat the heat with the coolest polishes


Aim To Breeze is a vibrant magenta jelly nail polish. A bold blue shimmer adds an inner glow that at certain angles appears almost indigo. We recommend building up this jelly shade in three coats to maximize the squishy look and bright shimmer, but shorter nails may get full coverage in two coats.


Bucket List is a nod to those adventure-seekers. A deep indigo jelly base is loaded with micro flakes for a fun and colorful finish. A bold pink easily flips to lemony yellow and lime hues. Some angles have the base looking more purple, while bright light amplifies the pink flakes setting off a navy-like background. Two coats offer full coverage for most.


Give Me The Scoop is a soft and shifty lavender nail polish. The lavender base is quickly encompassed by a pink-leaning red shimmer, showing off peach, copper, and gold tones as your nails move. Some angles amp up the purple tones of the base, while a hint of holographic micro sparkle twinkles in the light. Two to three coats offer full coverage, depending on nail length.



One In A Melon nail polish is a nod to summer melons. A vibrant neon pink jelly, this juicy shade is loaded with glowy flakes in hues of lime, coral, and pink. Subtle shifts in the flakes show off hints of yellow, gold, and orange. This jelly shade covers most nail lines in two to three coats. Follow with Smooth Moves and Clearly On Top for a glass-like finish.


Simply The Zest is a vibrant yellow-leaning chartreuse polish. A shifty shimmer takes this lemony polish from yellow to lime to gold. Holo glow flakes add a hint of sparkle and dimension to this illuminating shade. Two coats offer full coverage for most.


Stick With Me is a shimmery nail polish with a soft pink base and shifting hues. Vibrant gold tones help this shade lean coral, while changes in angles and light bring out pops of orange, lime, and carnation. In some lights and angles, soft aqua and lavender may appear. Two coats of this lacquer offer ample coverage for most, but some may prefer three.



Swim Pickings is a vibrant ultramarine jelly nail polish inspired by the pool. This blue jelly is amped with color-shifting flakes. Pops of pink, gold, green, blue, and aqua mimic swimmers, while a dusting of micro holographic glitters adds to that water-like feel. This jelly polish builds nicely in two coats, but some may prefer three.

That’s My Jam is a vibrant berry-colored nail polish with an illuminating finish and near-magical color shifts. In some lights, this radiant red shade is as vibrant as a ripe cherry, but step outside, and a vivacious near-fuchsia pink comes out to play. Other lighting brings out an orange-leaning red, for a complex shade perfect for summer pedicures. Best in two coats, this shade will captivate you with its colorful array of hues.


What A Catch nail polish is an eye-catching teal green shade. Pops of gold and peach appear in some lighting, while silvery holo glow flakes add sparkle and depth to this shifty shade. Two coats offer full coverage for most.



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