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Londontown Hotel California Summer 2024

Londontown Hotel California Summer 2024


Welcome to the Hotel California Collection!

Inspired by West Coast vibes, these five fresh hues of lakur nail polish arrive just in time for beach days, pool parties, and summer getaways.

Even if your vacay turns into a staycay this year, our Hotel California lakurs will whisk you away to a land of endless sunshine and swaying palm trees. Picture this: you're lounging under a striped umbrella, a beach read in one perfectly manicured hand, and a cold drink in the other. It’s like stepping into a “wish you were here!” postcard.


Electric Flamingo

The flamboyant hot pink of a tropical bird, and the playful pool floatie inspired by its vivid feathers. Imagine yourself drifting through the deep end on its back, basking in the sun as you capture the perfect Instagram shot. The bold color not only brightens your day but also adds a touch of tropical flair to your summer moments, making every snapshot as vibrant as a paradise postcard.



Captures the vibrant essence of Cali peaches, delivering a fruity punch that rivals the cocktail sharing its name. This shade pairs perfectly with sunsets, swimsuits, and sandals, adding a splash of summer to your look. Imagine sipping a peachy drink by the beach as the sun dips below the horizon, your nails glowing with the same lively hue. It's a color that embodies the carefree spirit of summer, making every moment feel like a sun-soaked escape.

Hot Springs

Is the cool Pacific blue you'll want to wear while swimming laps, bodysurfing the waves, or dipping a toe in. This refreshing shade evokes the serene beauty of the ocean, making it the perfect companion for all your aquatic adventures. Whether you're gliding through the water, catching the perfect wave, or simply relaxing by the shore, this blue will keep you feeling cool and connected to the sea. It's a hue that captures the essence of coastal living, transforming every dip into a stylish, ocean-inspired escape.

Road Trip

A psychedelic lavender that takes you on a journey from Coachella to Santa Monica along Route 66—if only you’ll let it. This vibrant shade captures the adventurous spirit of a California road trip, echoing the sunsets and free-spirited energy of the West Coast.

Pink Palm

Transforming a classic pastel into a modern, sophisticated shade reminiscent of carnations, this elegant hue captures the essence of floral beauty. Imagine yourself amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the Rose Bowl, surrounded by blooming flowers and the buzz of excitement. Whether you're enjoying a leisurely stroll through a garden or attending a sunny botanical festival, this shade adds a touch of refined elegance to your look, embodying the timeless charm of floral splendor in every glance.






We love to hear from YOU! What is your favorite in this blog? If you tried any of the tips, colors, or designs - don’t forget to tag us on social and use the hashtag #PolishWithBeyond. We love to enjoy your masterpiece with you. 

Have any questions? Leave them down below or email us at HELLO@BEYONDPOLISH.COM.

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