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Introducing Makartt Nail Extensions & Accessories


Posted on February 08 2022


Hey DIY nail art lovers, listen up! A new brand has arrived at Beyond Polish! We are thrilled to introducing Makartt, an indie beauty brand that carries all the essentials for that perfect DIY manicure. 

Makartt strives to provide customers with products and tools that blend self-expression and beauty. When Poly Nail Gel technologies were primarily available only to salon professionals, they spent months researching and developing a way to make this technology accessible to everyone. As you're probably aware, Poly gel technology has become increasingly popular in the nail community. 

So, are you ready to master that perfect DIY mani? Let's take a look at what Makartt has to offer!


Nail Extension Poly Gel - Starry Midnight

Makartt Nail Extension Gel - Starry Midnight

Makartt Nail Extension Poly Gel will give you salon-quality nails without ever having to leave your home! Some of the key characteristics of their Poly Gel formula are:

  • Super saturated color
  • Strength & flexibility
  • No odor or smell
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks!
  • Loved by nail techs

Check out how to apply the Poly Gel formula below!

How To Apply Makartt Nail Extension Poly Gel


Holographic, Glossy Top Coat & Base Coat Set

Makartt Holographic, Glossy Top Coat & Base Coat Set | Beyond Polish

This set includes 3 gel polish colors: a holographic top coat, regular gel top coat & regular gel base coat). These top coats my be used with any gel polish and are suitable for any type of manicures including natural nails, UV gel nails, artificial nails, acrylic nails, nail tips, etc.

48W Nail Curing Lamp

Makartt 48W Nail Curing Lamp

The Makartt 48W Nail Curing Lamp is compatible with all gel polishes. It comes with 24pcs dual source lamp beads and a 365-405nm wavength length. It's equipped with 3 settings (30s, 60s, & 90s). The countdown will begin once you place your hand on the stainless steel plate for curing. 

Gel Nail Brush Set (7pcs)

Makartt Gel Nail Brush Set (7pcs)

Become your own nail artist with this brush set, which includes various sizes. The nail brush sizes included are #2,4,6,8,10,12,14.  Each brush tip has a separate straight tube to prevent the bristles from forking.

Clear Coffin Nail Tips (Full Cover)

Makartt Clear Coffin Nail Tips (Full Cover)

These Makart Nail Tips are designed with clear color and full coffin shape coverage. They're easy to file, paint, and apply. Create any look you want, from using polygel colors to a mani decorated in nail glitters and rhinestones. These nail tips are made with high quality ABS materials, offering strength & durability for more than 2 weeks!

Ready to create your masterpiece? As always, we'd love to see your #nailfies. Share your nail art with us on Instagram and Facebook by tagging us @beyondpolish and use the hashtag #PolishWithBeyond. You might get featured!


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  • Thais Gaudet: August 01, 2022

    Hi. I was wondering if y’all carry many holographic polishes? Several brand names like Layla,ILNP,LIVE LOVE POLISH , colour pop(i think they have some). I am not talking about just glitter polish but the ones that truly look holographic & iridescent ??? Please lmk if this is possible. Also can u recommend a very good cuticle clipper bc my toe nails have not had a pedicure in very long time & my cuticles after pushing them down after using cuticle cream (or something very similar) are still very dry and not gone and i am scared to cut them bc cut toe skin a long time ago so i have been afraid of doing it again. Or could y’all do a tutorial on the correct way to trim toenail cuticles please? Thanks so much for ur time!

  • Christina ( Beyond Polish Team ): August 01, 2022

    Hi Thais,

    Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog. Here’s the link to all of our holographic nail polish:

    Here’s the link to all of our nail tools:

    You can find great selections of nail clippers/nippers here.

    If you are looking for some cuticle pusher here’s the link:

    Since your cuticle is dry- You need to add some hydration back – try some cuticle oil. Here’s the link:

    Adding lotion to your routine is also a great practice. Try some of our CND Pro Skincare Lotions. It is great for hand and feet:

    Please email if you have any other additional questions or concern. Have a nice day!

    BP Team

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