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OPI Nail Artist Galdina @nailuscious

OPI Nail Artist Galdina @nailuscious



Great nails don't happen by chance. Now more than ever, we realize how important are our friends in beauty. From nail techs to nail artists and beauty professionals alike, we all have a friend that we can count on for everything - the girl who will even pick your nail polish color for you when you can't decide.

Dedicated to flawless manicures and keeping all of your secrets safe, beauty professionals deserve to be celebrated today, and every day.

Meet a nail artist from sunny San Diego, California. Galdina @nailuscious is an OPI Design Team artist who shares her talent for nail art. You'll want to try at her floral nail art tutorial and cloud nail art tutorial at home. 

During times like this, what can you share with your fellow nail artists to keep moving forward?

During these rough times, I feel that in order to keep moving forward, you need to have a reopening action plan. Each state government, board, county, district, and city may have a list of requirements that you will need to follow in order to safety reopen. I recommend that they sign up with each for their email lists because things change daily, sometimes even hourly. Now is the time to be ready and prepare whether it's cleaning, contacting clients about your plan, or even rebranding.

During this time we have all utilized some of it to learn how to go back to the salon safely, practice our craft and learn new skills. I've seen many beauty professionals obtain online certifications! It is important to share all these things with your clients to let then know that you have taken steps to better yourself as a professional. 

You make nail art look so easy. Where do you find inspiration for nail art?

Thank you! I get inspiration for my nail art from other types of artists. I really like muralists and fashion patterns. When I have an idea and I want to be creative I look to google images for inspiration. The keywords I like to use is "easy" or clipart". I find that I'm able to transfer the idea from a large picture to my tiny canvases better that way. I always keep in mind that my art may be for a beginner or an advanced artist. So, I like to make it simple yet, extraordinary.

What has been your favorite thing about being a nail technician?

My favorite thing about being a nail technician is using my license to its fullest potential. I love having a clientele base that has led be to build so many relationships out of. I never feel like I'm going to work and not many people can honestly say that. Once I became licensed, I figured out that the sky was the limit. I had a goal of one day being an educator. Once I achieved that, it opened up so many other doors and I keep growing only because I keep setting myself even higher goals. I always remember that I could never be an OPI Top Artist without first being a Nail Tech.

If you can share the best advice for people who aspire to become a nail tech, what would it be?

The best advice that I can share to someone who is aspiring to become a nail tech, is just get that paper! Once you are certified you can then move in to perfecting your skills through continued education and practice.

What are a few of your tips & tricks for creating the perfect manicure that anyone can try at home?

For anyone who wants to create the perfect manicure at home my tips and tricks are to invest in the right tools and utilize all the free education that's online. Starting out with the basics like a cuticle softener, pusher, files and buffers, base and top coat, remover, NAS 99, lint free wipes, cuticle oil and defiantly a clean up brush. This can make or break any at home manicure.


For nail art tutorials, beauty advice and more, follow Galdina @nailuscious.

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