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Your Guide To Finding The Best Nail Shapes


Posted on June 04 2019

Figuring out your perfect nail shape should be easier than picking out nail polish colors. Whether you're going in for a fresh gel nail polish manicure, or touching up your nails at home, we picked the most popular nail shapes to help you find the nail shape you love.

This guide will help you figure out nail shape that will flatter your fingers and best reflect your style.

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Round Nails

Round nails give off a soft look and are easy to maintain. If you're someone who can't grow out your nails, this is the shape for you! To achieve this look, think of mimicking the curve of your cuticles. File your nails side to side to create a gentle arc.

We love Revel Nail Dip Powder in Julia because it's the perfect neutral that completes the look. Shop Revel Nail Dip Powder Julia.

Recommended shades: Any color suits this nail shape, but neutrals and light pinks add to the "natural" aesthetic.

Almond Nails

You're the epitome of glam meets girly. Chipped polish is unacceptable. Almond shaped nails are best for lengthening and slenderizing fingers. This nail shape is our favorite and go-to request when we visit the nail salon. 

Try CND Shellac gel nail polish in Married To The Mauve. Shop: CND Shellac - Married To The Mauve

Recommended Shades: an elegant pink or chic multi-shade mani.

Coffin Nails

You're a #ManiMonday diva and gravitate towards a bold polish color. Coffin shaped nails, also known as ballerina nails, are best for long, strong nails that can handle the extreme shape, and narrow nail beds. If your nails are too short for this show-stopping shape, ask for a bold set of acrylic nails! 

Recommended Shades: any matte or a classic black

Square Nails

This style works on either natural or acrylic nails. It tends to look best on those with long, narrow nail beds. It's arguable one of the easiest nail shapes to create.

We love a deep blue like ella+mila Blindfold Me. Shop ella+mila Blindfold Me.

Recommended Shades: Deep, bold colors.

Oval Nails

You're an elegant type, and see the value in wearing nude polish every now and then. Oval shaped nails are best for long nails, slimming short fingers, wide and narrow nail beds.

Recommended Shades: neutrals or glitters

Squoval Nails

You're always in style and match your polish to whatever is trending this season. Squoval nails are best for everyone! This is the most universally flattering nail shape, perfect if you're into the flat edge of square nails and prefer softened corners.

Recommended Shades: Fun designs & shades, or a simple but beautiful dark tone


Stiletto Nails

You're a trendsetting risk-taker, not afraid to tap your point nails to get attention. Stiletto nails are best for long nails and elongating short fingers. This pointy nail shape is made for standing out!

Recommended Shades: An edgy black or flashy glitters

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