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Zoya Gelie-Cure: Treat, Condition & Strengthen Nails


Posted on October 20 2021


Do your nails need a break? Are they feeling a little damaged? No worries! Zoya is here with their patented Geli-Cure System that 

Meet Zoya's patented, simple 3-step system for damaged nails! With the use of a demi-gel that locks in treatment and protects nails, Zoya Gelie-Cure provides the perfect foundation to paint over or leave natural.

What is Gelie-Cure?

Gelie-Cure is a 3-step system that treats, conditions and strengthens nails. It creates the perfect foundation for anything you want to apply over it.

How To Use Gelie-Cure

Gelish Gelie-Cure - Rescue Serum

Step 1: Apply the Rescue Serum.

  • Penetrates & supports hydration
  • Improves & strengthens flexibility
  • Worn as a cushion under the Repair Base

Zoya Gelie-Cure - Repair Base

Step 2: Apply Repair Base.

  • Adheres to nail & locks in serum
  • Smooths ridges & separation
  • Creates optical enhancement of nail

Zoya Geli-Cure - Naked Gelie

Step 3: Apply Naked Gelie

  • A demi-gel that is ultra-light, high-shine
  • Flexible, fileable & damage-free
  • Adheres to Repair Base
  • Cures in 60 Seconds

Troubleshoot: Quick Fixes

#1 Check your application with a water test.

Take a bowl of warm water, and dip your finger in and leave it for 20 seconds. After you remove your finger, if it peels off easily, it is likely due to too much serum, it not being rubbed in to dry enough, or the Gelie got on the skin around the nails or under the free edge before curing. 

Only use a pea-sized amount of serum. Dip, dab and rub into each nail individually. Perform a finger-tip massage using the applied serum, and make sure to rub to dry using horizontal and vertical movements from cuticle tip and side to side. Do this for at least 10 seconds before repeating on the next nail. 

Make sure the base coat covers the entire nail. Cover the nail from side to side, and cuticle to free edge, making sure to paint underneath the free edge.

Make sure there's not too much serum on the brush & avoid getting the serum on the skin around the nail. Since the formula self-levels and spreads out, make sure it stays inside the edge line of the base coat. Be sure to clean up all around the nail and under the free edge with an orangewood stick.

The serum and Gelie have been applied correctly if the water test is a success and there is no peeling after removing your nail from the water.

After the water test, you can swipe the orangewood stick along the seam -- the space between the free edge and cuticle -- to clean up any Gelie that is not visible, without damaging the foundation. 

#2: Watch Your Edgeline

The only product that will adhere to the nail, is the base coat. Anywhere the Gelie goes that the base is not, will lift. So it's important to make sure that when applying the Repair Base that you cover the entire nail. 

An easy way to make sure you cover the entire nail is by using the side, side, center application technique. If your nail is wider, you can paint down the center one more time. Make sure to cap the edge of your nail with the base coat, as well as under the free edge if your nails are longer.

 The base will cover the entire nail. Next, the Gelie layer should be within the edge line of the base coat. If you're adding color, that will stay within the Gelie edge line. If you're applying a second coat of Gelie on top, make sure the edge line meets the bottom layer. The base coat will stay put, while the Gelie has a wider brush and will spread. So making sure you stay within the edge line is important. 

#3: Light Test

Do a quick check under the light before curing to make sure Gelie layer is glowing, opaque, and not streaky. If the Gelie layer is patchy and uneven, just simply add another thin layer.

#4: Hand Placement Under Light

For the small lamp, make sure the fingers and nails do not extend past the edge of the light. Make sure they are all lying flat. Cure the three middle fingers, one hand at a time, for 60 seconds. Cure both pinkies by crossing wrists over one another and centering under the light for 60 seconds. Center the thumbs under the light and cure for 60 seconds. 

For the pro lamp, remove the bottom metal piece and note where the two ovals are near the front curve, as well as where the raised line is towards the back. This creates your "cure zone." Cure four fingers first for 60 seconds, positioning so that the base of the fingers is at the edge of the metal light base and fingers are centered within the opening.  Cure thumbs by positioning them on the indentations. Hand placement under the light is important for a proper cure. 


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  • janet Kile: October 24, 2022

    Can you use Rescue Serum, Repair base, zoya polish then top coat? – all air ‘cured’?

  • Beyond Polish: October 27, 2022

    Hi there Janet,
    The system will need to be cured under a lamp.

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