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Zoya Pink Palette: The Perfect Pink Skittles Mani

Zoya Pink Palette: The Perfect Pink Skittles Mani



This summer, Zoya is going pink! The Pink Palette Collection includes 6 shades that'll create the perfect pink skittles manicure. Similar to the Naturel 5 & Rose Palette Collections, these colors create a gorgeous gradient. Skittles manicures continue to be a popular nail trend, especially during the summer. It's an easy nail art trend that anyone can do. (It's also perfect for those times where you just can't decide on a single color!). Now, let's take a closer look at the collection!

Zoya Pink Palette Summer 2022

Zoya - Angel


This color can be described as an iridescent pink lace overlay with brilliant specks of ultra pink, periwinkle & golden glitter. This color looks especially great as a special effect topper. 

Zoya - Joanie


This color can be described as a soft tulip pink creme.

Zoya - Maddy


This color can be described as a flamingo pink creme.

Zoya - Shannon


This color can be described as a warm melon pink creme.


Zoya - Kay


This color can be described as a bright paradise pink creme.


Zoya - Gigi


This color can be described as a red azalea creme.

Which color(s) are you most excited for in this collection? Let us know in the comments! As always, if you try out this collection, share your photos with us on Instagram & Facebook by tagging us @beyondpolish and use the hashtag #PolishWithBeyond! You might get featured!


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