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Nioxin - Intensive Therapy Hair Booster 3.4 oz
10 reviews
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DIAMETER-Protect treatment with HBT Technology that conditions hair and forms a barrier to help protect against cuticle damage.


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Item Name: Nioxin - Intensive Therapy Hair Booster 3.4 oz
Manufactuer: Nioxin
Type: Hair
UPC: 070018038258
Weight: 100 grams - (0.22 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Hair, Hair Treatment, Nioxin, OMG8, Professional, Type: Hair, and Wella Company

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
This was recommended to me by my hairdresser when ask how i can get thicker hair.

This was recommended to me by my hairdresser when ask how i can get thicker hair. She explained to me how the products worse and how to properly use them.I must point out, although it is a little expensive, it is well worth it as the bottles themselves are quite large.This pack works by not causing you to grow extra strands of hair, but by increasing the density of each strand, which i can say has happened with my hair after using this only a month! I love the shampoo! The smell is quite minty, which i like. The good thing with this is, you really do not need a lot at all. I have long hair and only need to use about a 10p size in my hand because it lathers so well. I would say that the shampoo/cleanser is my favourite of the three products. As for the conditioner, it also smells minty but, as I have seen some people say, it doesn't leave my hair greasy whatsoever if anything i can now go longer before it goes oily. I massage into my scalp and leave this on for about three minutes as recommended (it is very important that you do put the conditioner on your scalp for the treatment to work) and it leaves my hair feeling soft and looking healthy. The only thing would say with this is to perhaps have another, cheaper conditioner that you can use on the length of your hair. I say this because, if you have long hair like me, you will need quite a lot of it to cover all your hair. The mouse, i have noticed people commenting on it leaving their hair stiff. I've found that by putting 1-2 pumps in to my hand and then using my fingertips to massage it into my scalp works best. I would say to use this on a night though as my hair does go a little hard at first, but by the morning it is totally fine. Overall, i would highly recommend this product to anyone who is wanting thicker, healthier and less oily hair.

I alternate this with my Lush shampoo bar and conditioner because my hair has been thinning, due ...

I alternate this with my Lush shampoo bar and conditioner because my hair has been thinning, due to stress/changes in life. My hairdresser told me that the Nioxin system is one of the only things she noticed change in her clients' hair. So I have been using this system for five months.I wash my hair in the morning. I used the shampoo and conditioner with every shower, but since the shampoo can feel "stripping", I alternate now. I only apply the foam at night time because it can make your hair crusty and stick together.Having an oily prone scalp/product build-up, I appreciate the cleansing shampoo. Before I started using it regularly, there were small oily mounds on my scalp, but they are gone now. The smell of the conditioner is great and leaves my hair with a superb texture. As far as color-protection goes, it is "okay". Obviously something that isn't very cleansing would work better, but I'm not dissatisfied with how my color has lasted. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the product, and my hair loss feels like it's starting to be under control!

EDIT!!!*****I have admitted defeat and had my hair cut.

EDIT!!!*****I have admitted defeat and had my hair cut. (Siiiiigh!) Meanwhile, I have a lot of positives to say about the shampoo, but the scalp therapy (aka conditioner) has done the usual trick of making my roots greasy. VERY greasy. Perhaps even greasier than ever before. I'm ditching this in favour of my old Alverde non-siliconey one, but will continue with the shampoo for a bit. Thank goodness I bought the trial sized ones!!!I am getting desperate..... I have thyroid disease and my hair and eyebrows are coming out in clumps. To top it off, I decided to dye my fine, naturally medium, beigey blonde hair myself. KHAKI it went KHAKI!!! Many bleachings to kill it. If you have ever tried to brush the hair of a well-loved Barbie doll that goes everywhere and sleeps with it's six year old owner, you are getting an idea of the state of mine. It's matted, stretches and breaks when I comb it (only with conditioner in it) and basically looks like the homework after the dog got it.I have used this system twice now. My scalp loves it. I love the minty smell, so that's not an issue..... It certainly looks fuller, but it's kinda, um..... crispy. I decided to use the leave-in scalp treatment only on the baldy bits at the side (still crispy) but the rest feels better. Will delay my verdict until I've given it a more thorough work-out.Their reconstructive treatment is WONDERFUL as well.......

My hair is thin, fine, and gets oily within 24 hours so if I don't style it, it's limp, heavy and...

My hair is thin, fine, and gets oily within 24 hours so if I don't style it, it's limp, heavy and thin. Not a good combination!! I'm on my second round of buying this stuff and I'm still loving it. The first thing I noticed about this product is I can now go every other day without washing my hair, sometimes 3 days! As far as it making my hair grow back in I can not really say. I can say it makes my hair much thicker and stay less oily. Before I damaged my hair horribly (2 color corrections and 4 colorings...) it made my hair feel and look sooo healthy. I would get compliments about my hair often. Now, it's making it so my hair doesn't get any worse. The conditioner is very moisturizing but since mine is so damaged I recently bought redken extreme conditioning plus and I'm hoping that will save me from having to use so much conditioner. Over all, I will always buy this because I can go days without my hair feeling as heavy, oily and love how it makes my hair thicker. I give it a four only because of the price..

I am a hairstylist with curly, colored(many times), thin, and fine hair.

I am a hairstylist with curly, colored(many times), thin, and fine hair. I used to have a very full head of pretty blond hair(now red haha), and after getting on Nuvaring I lost AT LEAST half of it. I started Nioxin after my salon manager recommended I give it a try, and it seems to work nicely. My hair now appears slightly thicker, and much healthier. Being a stylist the products I use are generally a bit pricey so the slight difference didn't bother me, the shampoo and conditioner together are only 10$ more than I already pay for my Paul Mitchel set anyways. I highly recommend, the system does what it says it will. Cleans buildup off the scalp and makes hair APPEAR thicker. Whether or not I have more strands on my head I am uncertain, but it does make it appear that way.

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