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Essie Good To Go Top Coat
13 reviews
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This top coat sets nail color in seconds and creates a brilliant shine. Formulated with fast-acting drying agent so you can finish first.

Item Name: Essie Good To Go Top Coat
Manufactuer: Essie
Type: Top & Base Coats
UPC: 884486278814
SKU: ESM-6046
Weight: 62 grams - (0.14 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Benefit: Nail Strengthener, Benefit: Nail Treatment, Benefit: Quick Dry, Essie, Glazed Donut Nails, Group: Good To Go, Nail Strengthener, Nail Supplies, Nail Treatment, Quick Dry, Top Coat, Type: Nail Treatment, and Type: Top Coat

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Love it

Great Quick Dry Top Coat

Waiting for my manicure to dry is literally the worst part of getting a manicure. Always bring this quick dry top coat with me to the nail salon so I can get in and out quickly! Also keeps manicure fresh for at least 10 days without chipping.

Let's start with a disclaimer that none of Essie products ever worked for me.

Let's start with a disclaimer that none of Essie products ever worked for me. When I think of it I wonder why do I still keep trying more and more things from the brand. Essie Good to Go dries slower than a Seche Vite, it takes about 15-20 minutes for the hands and about 40-50 minutes for the feet before I can put the shoes on. I'd be okay with that, but it makes any nail polish chip within 24 hours, sometimes with the parts of my nails. It seems to me that fair name for the product must be 'Good to Go and destroy your nails'. Butter London, OPI, Gosh and Deborah Lippmann polishes are all chipped within 24 hours, even my toes that usually never chip had to be redone in a week. This top coat shrinks and peels off the tips of my nails within hours, capping the nail doesn't help. Strong adhesion of the polish to a base or the nail doesn't help either, I can have a big chunk of top coat with a smaller part of the polish and even a little part of the nail hanging all together and trying to separate from the rest. This top coat with its strong desire to shrink and peel off thas ruined my nails! Disastrous product!

Fantastic top coat.

Fantastic top coat. It looks like you've had a really nice and expensive gel manicure. However, I prefer the all-in-one base/topcoat of the same brand because it ends up being less expensive and, since I don't do my nails that often, I am able to finish it before if starts getting goopy and hard to spread (which was not the case when I had a separate base and topcoat).

This is my new favourite topcoat.

This is my new favourite topcoat. I bought this after breaking my bottle of OPI Rapidry, and while I really enjoyed that I think I prefer this one just a bit. It is very quick drying, which I love, but doesn't cause any shrinkage. It also dries down to a high shine finish, a fact which I am happy about as I like a super glossy finish from my top coat. The shiny finish is gorgeous, and people often ask if my polish is Shellac or gel when I wear this, even though I am just wearing one coat of it over normal polish. It reacts well to all my polishes, I have no issues with shrinkage, slow drying time or chipping. I actually feel like this top coat does make my manis feel stronger, harder and more resilient to wear and tear. I usually get around 5 days wear from a mani when I use this top coat. This is a little pricey, but cheaper than OPI's version, so I will continue to use it and definitely repurchase. Good To Go is safely my holy grail top coat.

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