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Harmony Gelish - Professional Kit



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(1) Gelish Foundation Base Gel - 0.5 Fl. Oz.
  • creates the adhesion bond between the nail plate and gel products without damaging the nail plate. LED Cured. This gel provides an adhesive base layer that helps your new gel color stick and stay on your nails without damaging the nail plate.
  • (1) Gelish pH Bond Nail Prep - 0.5 Fl. Oz.
    • removes surface oils and an acidic pH cause bonding problems for gel color and shine that lasts. pH Bond Nail Prep removes excess oil and balances your nails' pH to ensure even coverage and a hold that lasts.
  • (1) Gelish Nail Surface Cleanse - 2 Fl. Oz.
    • specially formulated to work with Gelish Top It Off. Assures a high shine finish without tack residue or without drying the skin.
  • (1) Gelish Pro LED Light
    • 30 Watt Lamp effectively and efficiently cures Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish
  • (1) Gelish Top It Off Sealer Gel - 0.5 Fl. Oz.
    • seals your Gelish Soak-off nail polish with a high shine finish that will not dull, chip or peel. This gel nail product provides a protective top layer that's easily polished to a high shine finish, highlighting your new gel color with a fantastic finish.
  • (1) Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil - 0.5 Fl. Oz.
    • rehydrates and restores essential oils in cuticles and skin surrounding the nail with a unique blend of Grapeseed Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Sesame & Vitamin E. Gelish Nourish should be used as a daily re-hydrant.
  • (1) Gelish Artificial Nail Remover - 2 Fl. Oz.
    • designed to remove soak-off gel polish in 10 minutes or less with condition additives that keep the skin from drying and maintain healthy nails.
  • (1) Gelish Hot Rod Red Soak-Off Gel Polish - 0.5 Fl. Oz.
    • will be leaving you feeling classy & sexy with 3 quick steps. The domed bristle brush gives a smooth application with better control.
  • (1) Gelish Light Elegant Soak-Off Gel Polish - 0.5 Fl. Oz.
    • will have you feeling and looking youthful with 3 quick steps. The domed bristle bush gives a smooth application with better control to give you a flawless gel color look!
  • (1) Gelish Cuticle Pusher/Prep Tabs - 50 count
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