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Pre-Orders Info

What is a Pre-Order item and where can I find it?
All of our pre-order items are available under the Pre-Order tab ( If an item is a Pre-Order item, that means we currently do not have the item available at our warehouse to ship but once we receive it from our supplier we will send it out to you immediately. 

What happens when I order Pre-Order items with items already in stock?
If you have a mixed order of Pre-Order items and items already in stock, then we will go ahead and send out the items available first. We will then send out your Pre-Ordered items in a separate package later on. You will not be charged for any additional shipping or splitting of packages.

My Pre-Order hasn't been shipped yet, so why was I already charged?
We are required to complete all payment transaction within 7 business days, including Pre-Orders. Although we have already completed the payment transaction, we have noted in our system that your Pre-Order still needs to be shipped out. If at any time you decide to no longer wait for your Pre-Order items, please feel free to send us an email ( and we will be happy to process a refund. 

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