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Ardell - Duralash Individuals Starter Kit
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Getting serious? The Ardell Duralash Individuals Starter Kit - Black takes your glam lash skills to the next level! Do you think you got what it takes? This pro-level individual lash kit has everything you need to create your next eye makeup masterpiece! Up to 2 weeks of reliable day-to-day glam lash wear. Perfect for getting any lash look from super sultry and dramatic to short, sweet, and demure. Great for filling in gaps too.


Complete Pro Lash Pack: For serious lash lovers only! Are you looking to take your lash game to a higher level? The Ardell Duralash Individuals Starter Kit - Black is what you need. This total glam lash pack includes:

56 Ardell Duralash Naturals Individuals: 14 Flare Short Black 28 Flare Medium Black and 14 Flare Long Black

LashTite Adhesive and LashFree Remover: For safe application and removal of individual lashes, 1 convenience-sized bottle each

ProTools Tweezer: Precision placement of individual lash clusters for the best results.

Custom Falsies Experience: Get the most beautiful, lifelike results your way! Create a lash look that’s uniquely yours with the Ardell Duralash Individuals Starter Kit - Black. Treat your lashes to a bold new look when you go to the maximum, use a little less for some subtle, sexy, flutter. Awesome for filling in those pesky lash gaps too.

Long-Lasting Lash Affair: Comfortable and reliable lash fit for up to 2 weeks! The Ardell Duralash Individuals Starter Kit - Black will never let you down. No more fake-looking falsies that fall off in the worst of times! Need a fresh, new start? Everything’s easily reset with the LashFree adhesive remover. It’s always your call!

Step into your own spotlight with confidence! Unleash your unique style with Ardell Knot-Free individual lashes, the secret to achieving the eye-catching look you've always wanted. Whether you're aiming for full-on drama or a subtle, mysterious allure, these fab faux lash clusters deliver. Easily fill in gaps for a flawless finish. Embrace your beauty and captivate with drop-dead gorgeous eyes, perfect for your next glam party or whenever you want to be EXTRA!


- 56 individual lash clusters

- 10 lash fiber strands per cluster

- Knot-Free

- Lifelike Color

- Long-Lasting Fabulous Lashes up to 2 weeks with your favorite individual lash glue or gives a comfy 1-day wear when use with a strip lash glue.

-Instant Faux lash Pro



How To Use:

Pour a small amount of LashTite adhesive into a dish.
Hold the lash tray in one hand and use slanted tweezers in the other hand to gently pull one lash at a time.
Dip the base of the lash into the lash adhesive (a dab at the tip is all you need).
Starting at the end of your eyes, place the lash over your natural lashes, close to the roots.
Continue towards the corner of your eyes.

Pro Tip:

Individual lashes are applied to the hair, not the skin, when using LashTite adhesive, which can last up to 7 days.

If you prefer a 1-day wear, use Lashgrip adhesive by Ardell or Duo Adhesive in place of LashTite Adhesive.



Item Name: Ardell - Duralash Individuals Starter Kit
Manufactuer: Ardell
Type: Eyes
UPC: 74764024046
SKU: ARDELL-240462
Weight: 86 grams - (0.19 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Ardell, Ardell Individual Lashes Collection, Ardell Lashes, Black, CLEARANCE, Color: Black, Eyes, Lashes, MARKDOWNS, and Type: Lashes

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