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OPI Nail Lacquer - My Signature is ''DC'' 0.5 oz - #NLC16

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Tired of nail polishes that easily cracks and doesn't last long? Want beautiful nails using the safest product in the market? Tired of being contented with the plain texture available and with limited arrays of colours and shades to choose from? OPI Nail Polish is the answer! Produced by a family-owned company committed to excellence and customers' well-being, OPI Nail Polish is produced with the customer's safety, satisfaction and best interest in mind. To insure nail polish users' safety, OPI Nail Polish was reformulated to eliminate DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and Toluene, which are deemed unsafe for users by recent studies and discussions. And in order to satisfy consumers' different needs, daily activities and preferences, there is a long list of selection and collection of nail polish to choose from. The OPI Nail Polish collection includes the commonly preferred and selected Classic Shades, and they are always producing new shades in collaborations with style icons like Gwen Stefani and Mariah Carey. Nail polish users truly have a wide array of colors, shades and textures to choose from. Moreover, there is the Nail Care Line that does not only maintain the quality and durability of the OPI Nail Polish being used, but also helps care for the nails itself. There's the Classic Nail Essentials, the Lacquer Removers, and the Premium and Quick Drying Treatments available in addition to the OPI Nail Polish collection. With the OPI brand, the different collections and the nail care line, nail polish users couldn't ask for more. With OPI Nail Polish, every need is covered and nothing could go wrong with the nails.

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