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OPI Nail Lacquer - Nail Envy Soft & Thin
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Tired of nail polishes that easily cracks and doesn't last long? Want beautiful nails using the safest product in the market? Tired of being contented with the plain texture available and with limited arrays of colours and shades to choose from? OPI Nail Polish is the answer! Produced by a family-owned company committed to excellence and customers' well-being, OPI Nail Polish is produced with the customer's safety, satisfaction and best interest in mind. In sure nail polish users' safety, OPI Nail Polish was reformulated to eliminate DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and Toluene, which are deemed unsafe for users by recent studies and discussions. And in order to satisfy consumers' different needs, daily activities and preferences, there is a long list of selection and collection of nail polish to choose from. The OPI Nail Polish collection includes the commonly preferred and selected Classic Shades, the cracked design Shatter Nail collection, the elegant Universe collection, and the famous movie, the Pirates of the Caribbean. Nail polish users truly have a wide array of colors, shades and textures to choose from. Moreover, there is the Nail Care Line that does not only maintain the quality and durability of the OPI Nail Polish being used, but also helps care for the nails itself. There's the Classic Nail Essentials, the Lacquer Removers, and the Premium and Quick Drying Treatments available in addition to the OPI Nail Polish collection. With the OPI brand, the different collections and the nail care line, nail polish users couldn't ask for more. With OPI Nail Polish, every need is covered and nothing could go wrong with the nails.

Item Name: OPI Nail Lacquer - Nail Envy Soft & Thin
Manufactuer: OPI
Type: Nail Treatment
UPC: 619828429568
Weight: 91 grams - (0.2 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Benefit: Nail Strengthener, Benefit: Nail Treatment, Discontinued, miscellaneous, Nail Strengthener, Nail Treatment, OPI, OPI Essentials, OPI Nail Lacquer, and Type: Nail Treatment

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Natalia U.


Melanie I.
Unfortunately Underwhelmed

I'm not sure if the polish got too hot on it's journey to me but it didn't preform well from the first application onward. It was a bit thickened and bubbly. I've never had a problem with my orders from beyond polish before.

Debra T.

The email was appreciated when in stock and delivery was on time. The polish isn't working on my nails as thought. It peals even though applied to clean nails and has made them peel. I'm trying it a little longer to see if things change but as of now I like the original nail envy better? I am dissatisfied with the soft and thin polish and will not purchase it again.

I wore acrylics for years and this is the only product to actually helped my nails grow and becom...

I wore acrylics for years and this is the only product to actually helped my nails grow and become strong.. and i only apply it about once or twice a week as a base coat under my manicure. i recommend it.

Let me just say that for my entire life I have had incredibly thin and weak nails.

Let me just say that for my entire life I have had incredibly thin and weak nails. If they somehow miraculously grew to a decent length almost immediately they would break off on something or become even weaker due to sucking on them or biting them. I have ALWAYS been disgraced at my mess of nails. Enter OPI Nail Envy Strengthener. I was picking up some random supplies at a beauty shop, wandering over to the nail section to pick up a few colors and saw this. I thought, what the hell, and bought it. I have been using it for a little of a month and a half and almost IMMEDIATELY my nails were much, MUCH stronger! And had the ability to actually grow out! AND STAY THAT WAY! I mean, holy crap! That has NEVER EVER happened in my whole life! I've been so excited that I would rave about them to my mom (who has PERFECT nails might I add, they look like those individual color examples of nail polishes at stores, all real too!) and friends. Although it's not such a big deal, it was a huge thing for me. I would press on the longer grown nails and realize the difference from before: flimsy, ready to tear at any moment. To honest to goodness sturdy and healthy! I have tried many. and I do mean MANY times before to grow out and care for my nails with miserably failing results. As silly as it sounds over such a small thing, I am so happy and excited over this product, because after many attempts before I assumed I just would be doomed to short, stubby, peeling nails. As for the peeling mentioned by other users from this product? I haven't seen any of that! Perhaps they changed the formula? In any case, I mostly just use this as a base coat then apply nail polish and on top Sally Hansen Mega Shine (I think that's what it's called, which by the way gives an AMAZING shine and protection equivalent to a great professional manicure) and using that method has brought to where I am now.. Less than a MONTH AND A HALF later. Amazing.. just amazing. I recommend this to all. If you have any problems with the peeling then I suggest simply using it as a base coat then applying your color. That should take care of any issues, I promise.

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