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BRAND Highlight: CND

BRAND Highlight: CND


Introduction to CND

CND, also known as Creative Nail Design, is a renowned brand in the nail industry. With a commitment to innovation and quality, CND offers a wide range of products that cater to various nail care needs. Start your best DIY nails with CND!


Exploring CND's Nail Care Categories



Shellac is a revolutionary nail polish that combines the ease of polish with the durability of gel. It provides a high-gloss finish and chip-resistant wear for up to two weeks. With a vast array of colors to choose from, Shellac offers long-lasting and vibrant nail color.



Vinylux is a breakthrough weekly polish system that ensures a week-long wear without the need for a base coat. It features a self-adhering color coat and a top coat that becomes more durable when exposed to natural light. Vinylux offers a vast range of shades and provides a salon-quality manicure at home.



Plexigel is a versatile and innovative nail enhancement system that combines the best features of hard gel and acrylic. It offers a lightweight, flexible, and durable solution for nail extensions, overlays, and repairs. Plexigel provides natural-looking and long-lasting results.


Perfect Color Powder

Perfect Color Powder is a high-performance acrylic powder that delivers exceptional color clarity and durability. It allows nail technicians to create stunning nail enhancements with ease. Perfect Color Powder offers a wide range of shades, allowing for endless creativity.


Brisa is a gel system that provides exceptional strength and durability. It offers a flexible yet strong solution for sculpting, overlays, and extensions. Brisa gel ensures natural-looking and long-lasting results, making it a favorite among nail professionals.


Nail Enhancements

CND also offers a range of nail enhancement products, including tips, adhesives, and sculpting forms. These products provide the necessary tools for creating beautiful and customized nail extensions.


CND's Essentials line includes various products that are essential for proper nail care. This includes cuticle oils, nail treatments, and nail care tools. These products help maintain healthy and beautiful nails.


Pro Skincare

CND's Pro Skincare line offers a range of professional-grade products designed to nourish and protect the skin. From moisturizers to exfoliators, these skincare products provide a complete solution for maintaining healthy hands and nails.

Just For You

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With CND's extensive range of nail care categories, you can achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home. Whether you're looking for long-lasting nail color, durable nail enhancements, or essential nail care products, CND has you covered. Ready to start your CND journey? Shop here!


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