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Introducing the Cirque Colors x Kelli Marissa Collection!


Posted on September 06 2023


Las Vegas-based nail polish legend, Kelli Marissa, has teamed up with Cirque Colors to create a collection that captures the essence of Sin City. The Cirque Colors x Kelli Marissa Collection brings together four Shimmergraphic shades, two speckled nail polishes, and one set of chromatic nail art stickers that perfectly embody the glitz, glamour, and gauch of Kelli's beloved (and often badly-behaved) home.

What Makes This Collection Unique?

When it comes to nail polish, Kelli Marissa knows how to make a statement. Her collaboration with Cirque Colors takes it to a whole new level. The Shimmergraphic shades in this collection are unlike anything you've ever seen before. They combine shimmer and graphic elements to create a mesmerizing effect on your nails.

Cirque Colors' Shimmergraphics combine shimmer and holographic particles that reflect direct light (such as sunlight from a strong bulb) for an intense sparkle effect.

Cirque Colors - Venetian SkyCirque Colors - Venetian Sky

Venetian Sky

This color can be described as a blue-purple Shimmergraphic with a pink-gold-green shifting aurora shimmer and a scattered holographic effect.

Cirque Colors - Venetian Sky

Cirque Colors - All InCirque Colors - All In

All In

This color can be described as a lime green Shimmergraphic with a red-orange-gold color-shifting aurora shimmer and a scattered holographic effect.

Cirque Colors - All In

Cirque Colors - EthelCirque Colors - Ethel


This color can be described as a forest green Shimmergraphic with a red-gold-green color-shifting aurora shimmer and a scattered holographic effect. 

Cirque Colors - Ethel

Cirque Colors - FlaminglowCirque Colors - Flaminglow


This color can be described as a pink Shimmergraphic with a gold-green-blue color-shifting aurora shimmer and a scattered holographic effect. 

Cirque Colors - Flaminglow

Get Creative with Speckled Nail Polishes

If you're looking for something a little more playful, the speckled nail polishes in this collection are just what you need. With tiny specks of glitter in various colors, these polishes add a fun and whimsical touch to your manicure. Whether you're hitting the strip or just want to add some sparkle to your everyday look, these polishes will definitely make a statement.

Cirque Colors - 777Cirque Colors - 777


This color can be described as a red nail polish featuring speckled gold flakies.

Cirque Colors - 777

Cirque Colors - Golden NightsCirque Colors - Golden Nights

Golden Nights

This color can be described as a black nail polish featuring speckled gold flakies.

Cirque Colors - Golden Nights

Express Yourself with Chromatic Nail Art Stickers

For those who love to experiment with nail art, the chromatic nail art stickers in this collection are a must-have. These stickers feature intricate designs inspired by the vibrant and eclectic nature of Las Vegas. From playing cards to showgirls, these stickers allow you to express your love for Sin City in a unique and creative way.

Cirque Colors - Ready-To-Wear Nail Art StickersCirque Colors - Ready-To-Wear Nail Art Stickers

Ready-To-Wear Nail Art Stickers

Contains one sheet of individual nail stickers with Las-Vegas themed designs.

Cirque Colors - Kelli Marissa Ready-To-Wear Nail Art Stickers

Embrace the Quirky and Fun Side of Las Vegas

This collection is all about embracing the quirky and fun side of Las Vegas. Kelli Marissa and Cirque Colors have created a range of nail polishes and stickers that capture the spirit of this vibrant city. Whether you're a local or just visiting, these products will add a touch of Vegas glamour to your manicure.

So, if you're ready to bring a little bit of Sin City into your nail routine, look no further than the Kelli Marissa x Cirque Colors collaboration. With its unique shades, playful polishes, and creative nail art stickers, this collection is a must-have for any nail polish enthusiast.

Shop Cirque Colors x Kelli Marissa Collection

Which color(s) are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below! As always, if you try out any of the colors from the collection, share your photos with us on Instagram and Facebook by tagging us @beyondpolish and use the hashtag #PolishWithBeyond. You might get featured!

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