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CND Pro Skincare Foot & Leg Pedicure Treatment

CND Pro Skincare Foot & Leg Pedicure Treatment



CND Pro Skincare includes a complete line of professional spa products for healthier-looking skin. For softer and smoother hands, explore Pro Skincare For Hands. For smoother and more hydrated feet, turn to their professional spa products for feet. 

CND Pro Skincare is enriched with a prebiotic complex and formulated with natural origin ingredients for all skin types. In this blog post, we'll show you how to do a proper Leg & Foot PedicureTreatment using the CND Pro Skincare line. 


Step 1: Cleanse & Consult

1. Wash hands with liquid soap and running water for 20-30 seconds and towel dry.

2. Massage CND COOLBLUE Hand Cleanser into the hands and apply disposable gloves. Then massage CND COOLBLUE into the client's hands. (If necessary, remove nail color from the natural nail following appropriate protocol for removal.)

3. Add one teaspoon of CND PRO SKINCARE MINERAL BATH to the foot bath and gently swirl to dissolve.

4. Place client's feet into the foot bath for 3-5 minutes. (OPTIONAL: If applying CND SHELLAC, perform a waterless pedicure by soaking clean hand towel in a solution of CND PRO SKINCARE MINERAL BATH and wash client's feet. Towel dry.

5. Assess nails and skin to determine level of service.

Step 2: P.E.P.

P - Perform A Pedicure

1. If necessary, trim the length from each nail using nail clippers.

2. Shape the free edge of each nail with a 240-grit file such as the Kanga File.

3. Gently slide a cuticle pusher along the nail plate toward the proximal nail fold (cuticle area) and along each lateral fold (sides of the nail) to lift and loosen any cuticle (non-living tissue) from the nail plate.

4. Gently guide a curette along the nail plate to remove non-living tissue from the nail.

E - Eliminate Surface Contaminants
P - Purify Nail Plate Layers

5. Thoroughly cleanse and temporarily dehydrate the nail plate layers with CND SCRUBFRESH Nail Surface Cleanser, using a lint-free, plastic-backed pad. (OPTIONAL: For clients who build excessive cuticle, apply a small amount of CND CuticleAway evenly around the base of each nail and perform cuticle service. Scrub nails with soap and running water for 20-30 seconds to thoroughly remove the CuticleAway and towel dry).


Step 3: Optional: Coat & Color

Apply CND SHELLAC prior to Pro Skincare treatment.

Choose CND Shellac Gel Polish System for 14+ days of high-performance wear.

For comprehensive techniques, see the CND SHELLAC Application & Removal Step-By-

Step 4: Soften Calluses (OPTIONAL)

1. Dispense one pump of CND PRO SKINCARE CALLUS SMOOTHER to a plastic-backed cotton pad of spatula and apply to dry, callused areas of the foot.

2. Wrap foot in clean, terry cloth towel or for maximum benefits, wrap in plastic film.

3. Allow to penetrate for 5 minutes and gently smooth with a foot file.

4. Rinse thoroughly with clean water or a moist towel and repeat on the other foot.

Step 5: Exfoliate

1. Use a disposable spatula to stir CND PRO SKINCARE EXFOLIATING SEA SALT SCRUB.

2. Smooth a teaspoon amount over dry foot area and lower leg. (NOTE: For use on delicate skin, reduce abrasion by dampening foot and lower leg).

3. Use slow effleurage strokes to massage salts for 1-3 minutes. 

Hold the client's ankle with one hand and perform long effleurage strokes with opposite hand up the front of the leg and down the back of the calf., applying even pressure. Allow working hand to finish at the ankle. Alternate hands and repeat for a total of three times.

4. Use small circular movements to concentrate on areas of extreme dryness and calluses on the foot.

5. Rinse with water or a moist towel to remove.

6. Repeat on the other leg and foot.

Step 6: OPTIONAL: Intensive Hydrating Treatment

1. Massage a 1/4 teaspoon amount of CND PRO SKINCARE INTENSIVE HYDRATING TREATMENT into extremely dry areas of skin and wrap in warm terry cloth towels/plastic wrap and allow to penetrate for 5 minutes.

Continue hydration at home. 

Step 7: Condition & Moisturize

1. Apply a small amount of CUTICLE ERASER Gentle Exfoliator onto the proximal and lateral folds around the nail and thoroughly rub into skin. 

2. Without removing the CUTICLE ERASER, apply a drop of SOLAROIL Nail & Cuticle Care to the base of each nail plate and surrounding skin. Leave on through the next step.

Step 8: Hydrate & Massage

1. Dispense two or three pumps of CND PRO SKINCARE HYDRATING LOTION onto hands and run between palms to warm.

2. Thoroughly effleurage client's foot and leg until lotion is fully absorbed.

Continue the hydration at home, by using the CND PRO SKINCARE HYDRATING LOTION daily.

Step 9: Color & Coat

Choose CND VINYLUX Long Wear Polish System for 7+ days of high-shine color.

For comprehensive techniques, see the CND VINYLUX Application & Removal Step-By-Step.


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