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We Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions


Posted on January 25 2019

We receive dozens of questions on a monthly basis, so we wanted to take some time and answer some of our most frequently asked questions. Chances are, you probably have the same ones. Whether it's about a product, or the application/removal process, we're here to help you!

Product Questions

Q: What's the difference between Shellac and traditional nail lacquer?

A: Traditional nail polish dries by evaporation, which is why it typically takes 2-3 hours for your polish to completely dry. Shellac is cured within minutes by UV light. It acts as a plasticized coating and is suitable for long-lasting polish.

Q: Does it matter which lamp I use to cure my polish?

A: According to CND Educator Holly Schippers, it does matter. She says responsible companies test lamps to be sure they products will be properly cured. One of the most common issues in the industry is the service breakdown and overexposure caused by under-cured and over-cured products.

Q: Will gel polish damage my nails?

A: Gel polish itself will not hurt your nails. However, if you have a habit of picking at your polish when it starts to chip or peel, that’s when your nails become damaged. When you peel off gel polish, you’re also peeling away parts of your natural nail, which will leave them thin and brittle. For added protection, always apply a base coat before color coat.

Q: I bought the new CND Luxe and it started lifting at the nail tip in three days. I always use gloves to wash dishes and other tasks that might cause gels to lift. My nails are thin and tend to split vertically if I don't keep gels on them. Can you provide any insight?

A: First off, it's important to do a dry manicure (no soaking, no cuticle remover). Second, we advise you no to buffer your nails too much, especially if they're already thin and prone to breakage. Lastly, when you apply the polish, it's important to seal the edges of the nails on all coats. We recommend using the CND SHELLAC LUXE Top Coat for added durability. If you're curing the polish with a UV lamp, be sure to cure the nails for two minutes per layer.

Q: My polish chips and peels within a couple of days. What am I doing wrong?

A: It's common for polish to chip or peel within a couple of days, depending on the application techniques used, as well as taking lifestyle into consideration. For example, do you use household cleaning products without gloves? Do you wash your hands often? Do you use your nails as tools (i.e. opening soda cans)? To prevent polish from chipping, consider your lifestyle because nail polish wears differently on everyone. It's also important to seal the edges of the nails with each layer of polish during the application process. 

Q: Do I have to use a white base coat with Pants On Fire for it to be a neon color on my nail?

A: We recommend using at least 3 coats of color to get that bright orange. A white base coat will make the color pop even more. 

Q: How do I prevent my polish from becoming thick and clumpy?

A: Make sure you're storing your polishes in a cool, climate-controlled area. It's also important to avoid storing them in a place that gets direct sunlight. 

Store your bottles right side up. Storing them upside down can cause clumps and drying at the neck of the bottle.

Clean the neck of your polish bottles after each application. You can do this with a cotton ball and some polish remover. This helps ensure that the bottle will seal tightly when you close the lid to prevent air from getting inside. 

Never leave the lid off your polish bottle for longer than necessary. Exposing the polish to air is one of the major causes of thick polish.


Product Application

Q: When I apply my polish, I notice it's very streaky and the color is uneven. How do I prevent this from happening?

A: There are a few ways to troubleshoot this:

Apply the polish in thin, translucent layers so that it dries evenly. Some sheer and pastel polishes will appear uneven after the first coat. For fuller coverage, always apply at least two coats.

Use a ridge filler before applying the color. This will help even out the nail surface, which in turn will help level the polish to prevent a streaky appearance.

Apply the polish with quick brush strokes. When you use slow brush strokes, you'll likely see streaking, as the solvents have already started evaporating and the polish is drying as you apply it.

Do not over-brush. Going over the same polish you've already applied with the brush causes dragging and leaves the application looking uneven. Repeated brushing causes the bristles to make small groves in the polish.

Shake and settle your polish. When polish hasn't been used for a while, the formula begins to separate, causing unevenness in color. Shake the bottle thoroughly before application to avoid this.

Q: When I apply my polish, I sometimes see little bubbles. How do I get rid of them?

A: When applying polish, it's important to let one layer dry completely before applying another. It's also important to apply polish in thin, even layers. Not only do thicker coats take longer to dry, but they also trap solvents in tiny bubbles during the drying process.

Make sure you're not sitting near a fan when applying polish to your nails. A fan helps solvents evaporate faster from the top layer, but can't reach the layers underneath. This results in trapped solvents, which causes those tiny bubbles.

If possible, keep the room between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. As long as you'e not sitting near the vent, this can also help prevent bubbles.

Q: What happens when gel polish applies very thick?

A: If your polish is thick, it's most likely that you're not sealing your bottles tightly after application. It's important to ensure the caps are on securely to prevent evaporation and drying out due to air exposure. Solvents exposed to air will evaporate, causing polish to thicken.


Product Removal

Q: How do you remove glitter polish?

A: Remove most of the polish with polish remover. Then, firmly press a pad with polish remover on the nail for 10 seconds. Remove the pad and gently push the glitter away with a metal pusher or orangewood stick. For stubborn glitter, wrap nails tightly with removal wraps and leave for 2-3 minutes, then remove.

Q: Can you remove Shellac at home?

A: Yes. To remove Shellac at home, use a 100% acetone solution and keep in mind that it'll take 10-50 minutes to remove. Whatever you do, do not peel off the Shellac, as this can damage the nails. When you peel the Shellac, it takes parts of your natural nail with it. If you haven't already, check out the CND Shellac Luxe collection, which is ready to remove in just 60 seconds!

Q: How do I prevent my nails from stains when removing my nail polish?

A: There are a couple of ways to prevent staining. The most important thing is to protect the nail plate. Before applying your polish, always apply a base coat. This creates a protective barrier between the nail plate and the color coat.

You can also try soaking a cotton ball in polish remover and gently press it on the nail. Wait about 5-10 seconds and then wipe the residue away towards the tip of the nail.

Keep your nail type in mind. Some nails are more prone to natural staining. For example, if you tend to have dry nail plates, you may experience more staining.

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  • Janet Schwartz: June 07, 2020

    Can you use your own polish in between gel base coat and gel topcoat?

  • Beyond Polish: July 07, 2020

    Hi Janet! Yes, you may use your own polish between the gel base and top, as long as the polish you are using us gel. :)

  • Alexandra: October 27, 2020

    Can you use any uv gel polish with the cnd machine or does it have to be the CND brand?

  • Beyond Polish: October 27, 2020

    Hi Alexandra,
    CND Shellac Polishes are specially made to cure the best with CND lamps for long lasting results in wear. You can use other lamps at your risk. 😊 Can’t wait to see your mani. Tag us on social @beyondpolish.

  • Chayse Burgess: December 27, 2020

    Can the CND shellac top coat be applied to CND lacquer (gel) nail polish?

  • Kimberly Vandyken: December 01, 2021

    My gels look great when my customer leaves but after a few days a few of them will peel off. It’s like they’re wet underneath. I have tried curing them longer and applying the product thinner and nothing seems to help. I use DND product. I am applying this over extreme dry glazing it is a dip product.

  • Christina: December 01, 2021

    Hi Kimberly,

    Did you prep your nails before you start to polish them? Prepping is key. The long-wearing polish also depends on what you do day to day. If you have any questions let us know! Email us at Have a nice day!

    Beyond Polish Marketing Assistant

  • Colleen Bussey: August 23, 2022

    It takes so many cycles of drying for my nails not to be sticky! Am I doing something wrong. I am using Deborah lip man color with your shellac and base

  • Christina: August 23, 2022

    Hi Colleen,
    Shellac is gel. You would need to use a lamp to cure the top/base.

    Beyond Polish Team

  • SABEL FERNANDEZ: August 17, 2023

    Hello, My question is, if the hair have bein process with celophen treatment, will the hair mask is still necessary?

  • ⭐ Christina - Beyond Polish Team ⭐: August 17, 2023

    Hi Sabel,

    Thank you for stopping by our FAQ page! To provide you with the best advice, could you please provide more details? Are you asking if a hair mask is necessary after undergoing a cellophane treatment or do you mean weeks later? Clarifying your question would help us give you an accurate response. Thank you!

    Beyond Polish Team

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