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How to Apply Apres Gel-X Nail Extensions


Posted on January 18 2023


Meet the pioneer in soft gel nail extension technology. We are proud to introduce Apres Nail to the BP family. Apres Nail is united by one common motif - creating standards, not trends. They are all about breaking the habit of fast nail fashion and focusing on creating compelling change in the nail industry. They deliver quality, consistency, and innovation with their products.

Apres continues to grow in popularity, with features in publications including Refinery29, Nylon, Allure, Ella, Marie Claire and more. Apres Nail offers a wide range of professional products from nail files, LED lamps, gel extensions and more. If you're new to nail extensions, don't worry! You don't have to be a professional nail tech. 

Ready to get a quality manicure in the comfort of your own home? 

How to Use Apres Nail Extensions



1. Gently file the surface of your nails and cuticle area.
2. Push back your cuticles
3. Use a buffer to smooth surface.
4. Use acetone to clean away any debris.


1. Choose your favorite Apres Gel-X Tips
2. Once you've found the correct size, gently file & buff the base of your tips. 
3. PRO TIP: Use a non-acidic gel primer and apply to the underside of the Gel-X Tip for an even stronger, longer-lasting bond.
4. Apply a pH bonder to your natural nails then apply the non-acidic gel primer.
5. Apply the Gel-X Extend Gel to your natural nails and cure your entire hand in LED lamp for 30 seconds.
6. PRO TIP: Gently bend your tips to fit your nail shape.
7.  Apply the Gel-X Tip at a 45-degree angle to the base of the natural nail.
8. Flash cure with a 2W LED light for 30 seconds.
9. Repeat the process for the rest of your nails.
10. Cure under lamp for 30 seconds.
11. Apply a non-wipe top gelcoat to the underside of the tips & cure for 30 seconds.
12. If needed, file down the tips to your desired length & shape. PRO TIP: Buff tips for a smoother surface and easier polish application.
13. Use acetone to remove any excess debris from the tips.

Gel Polish Application

1. Choose your desired gel polish color and apply to your nails.
2. Cure under lamp for 30 seconds. 
3. Repeat the process for added coverage.
4. Apply a non-wipe glossy top coat & cure for 30 seconds.


Let us know what your Apres favorites are in the comments below! As always, share your photos with us on Instagram and Facebook by tagging us @beyondpolish and use the hashtag #PolishWithBeyond. We can't wait to see those #nailfies!

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  • BRENDA TAYLOR: September 02, 2021

    love your product

  • BRENDA TAYLOR: September 02, 2021

    love your product

  • BRENDA TAYLOR: September 02, 2021

    love your product

  • Christina: September 02, 2021

    Thanks Brenda! Have a nice day.

    (Beyond Polish Marketing Assistant)

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