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How To Master Grunge In 8 Simple Steps


Posted on October 05 2018

Fall is all about darker color palettes of burgundies, plum purples, dark blues, and blacks. The grunge look incorporates these darker colors into a versatile look. Yes, that’s right. The grunge look is perfect for Halloween, but also great for holiday parties and even everyday wear.

PRIV makeup artist Jared Lipscomb has provided the perfect step-by-step tutorial for E!ssentials on how to master the grunge look in 8 simple steps.

STEP 1: Apply foundation and concealer.
Use a matte foundation or concealer to even out your complexion.

STEP 2: Apply setting powder.
Apply setting powder all over the face to fix impurities.

STEP 3: Apply a mauve or grey eye shadow.
Apply primer to the lids first, and then create dimension by applying a grey-toned shadow to the crease of the lid. Blend it out with a brush.

STEP 4: Apply eyeliner.
Apply black eyeliner to the top and bottom water lines. Use a pencil for a more undone look.

STEP 5: Apply mascara.
Apply multiple coats of mascara depending on how dramatic you want your look to be. Add false lashes to increase intensity.

STEP 6: Apply brow gel.
Use one shade lighter than your hair to intensify the brows.

STEP 7: Line your lips.
Select the shade you want and line the lips with a lip pencil.

Step 8: Apply lipstick.
Apply lipstick to complete the look.

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