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How To Use Nail Stamps


Posted on May 25 2023

Are you still hand-drawing your nail art and worrying about making everything all perfect? We are here to stop your worry with Nail Stamping! This is a great way for anyone who is a perfectionist and wants to nail the perfect nail art every time. Nail stamping allows you to get creative and customize your nail art without the hassle of creating the perfect nail art by hand. Add a personal touch to your nail art to make it more enjoyable to rock. We are here to help you achieve your nail stamping goal in easy steps.

Nail stamping may sound overwhelming but we can break down what you need and how to start nail stamping. We can even provide some tips that will help make your nail stamping journey a lot easier. Let’s get started!

What Tools Do I Need?

  • Stamping plate - A metal plate that has different nail art designs already created for you
  • Nail Stamper - A silicone tool material that allows you to stamp the nail art from the stamping plate to your nails
  • Stamping Nail Polish - Nail Polish is made specifically for stamping
  • Scraper - A tool to remove excess nail polish off the stamping plate
  • Top Coat - Polish that protects your nail art
  • Nail Remover - Solvent that helps clean your nails and nail stamping plate
  • Scotch Tape - A tool to help clean your nail stamp. You can find this product at home or the office supply store
  • Cotton pad/balls - Use to clean your nail stamping plates
  • Clean Up brush - Use to clean the excess nail polish off your skin
  • Towel (Optional) - Protect your workstation

Check out some of our starter kits for Nail Stamping!

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