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If you've been on Instagram lately, you may have noticed the milky nail trend on the rise. You may have also seen this trend referenced to as "lip gloss nails", and it's essetially the same thing. It's a glossy, sheer look achieved with a nude or soft neutral nail color. Before, spring and summer used to be about bright pastels and bold neons. But now it seems like people are opting for a much simpler look. 

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The Trend

The milky nail trend is a look using a sheer white or neutral. If you prefer a manicure that goes with everything (and not to mention, very low maintenance), the milky nail trend is perfect for you! Neutral and nude colors never go out of style and no matter what season it is, these colors are always in.

You may have seen a similar look trending last year known as the "Glazed Donut Nail" trend. So it's no surprise were seeing the milky nail trend taking over social (especially considering the glazed donut nail trend is still going strong a year later!).


Although the trend is very simple and minimalistic, it makes your nails look clean and polished. This trend is also perfect for weddings and other formal occasions. This look is also great because it works on all nail shapes and sizes. It also looks great against any skin tone. So it is a look for EVERYONE. 

The DND Sheer Collection is PERFECT for this trend! Choose from a variety of sheer whites and neutrals and find your perfect shade. Shop the collection below!

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If you love extensions, you'll want to try apres' Neutral line of Gel-X tips. They give a completely natural look and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. apres is the pioneer in soft gel nail extensions. You can learn more about apres on our blog. Shop our collection of Apres Neutrals Gel-X Tips below!

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We've also seen variations on this trend, similar to the glazed donut nail trend. There's the "strawberry milk nails" trend, in which you choose your favorite sheer pink nail color. You get the idea!


I'm sure as summer's approaching, we will start to see many variations on this trend, but one thing's for sure. We don't see this trend dying down any time soon. Because of it's elegance and minimalistic aesthetic, we expect to see a lot of people wearing this look all year. 

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