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Spotlight on Gelish: Trending Colors You’ll Love

Spotlight on Gelish: Trending Colors You’ll Love


Gelish never disappoints when it comes to creating vibrant and stylish nail colors that suit every occasion. Let’s dive into some of their standout shades: Got Carried Away, Lace Be Honest, Pretty Simple, Flying Out Loud, and Wrapped Around Your Finger. Each offers a unique vibe, ensuring there's a perfect match for every personality and style.



1. Got Carried Away

Got Carried Away is the perfect blend of fun and sophistication. This dazzling glitter shade combines various sparkles that catch the light beautifully, making your nails twinkle with every move. Ideal for parties and festive occasions, this color is sure to make your nails the star of the show. It's a must-have for anyone who loves a bit of sparkle in their life.




2. Lace Be Honest

For those who prefer a more understated look, Lace Be Honest is a delicate and elegant choice. This soft, sheer pink is perfect for everyday wear, offering a natural and polished finish. It’s the ideal choice for professional settings or for anyone who loves a classic, feminine look. Lace Be Honest provides a subtle touch of color that enhances the natural beauty of your nails.



3. Pretty Simple

True to its name, Pretty Simple is all about effortless beauty. This neutral, beige-pink shade is perfect for those who love minimalist, chic styles. It’s versatile and works well with any outfit, making it a staple in any nail polish collection. Whether you're heading to the office or out for a casual day, Pretty Simple adds a touch of elegance without being over the top.



4. Flying Out Loud

Add a burst of energy to your nails with Flying Out Loud. This vibrant, bold shade of blue is perfect for those who love to make a statement. It’s bright, lively, and full of personality, making it perfect for summer outings, festivals, and any time you want your nails to be the center of attention. Flying Out Loud is all about embracing boldness and having fun with your look.



5. Wrapped Around Your Finger

Wrapped Around Your Finger is a sultry, deep plum that exudes sophistication and mystery. This rich, dark shade is perfect for evening wear, adding a touch of drama to your look. It's a fantastic alternative to traditional reds and blacks, offering a unique and luxurious vibe. Whether you're going out for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends, Wrapped Around Your Finger will make your nails look absolutely captivating.




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