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OPI GelColor - Coastal Sand-tuary 0.5 oz - #GCN77
8 reviews
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Channel calming coastal sands with a creamy ivory that stands out.

Introducing OPI's Malibu Collection, transport to the iconic beaches of Malibu for the Summer 2021 collection.

OPI Gelcolor soak off gel polish (released on October of 2011) applies just like traditional nail polish, but gives your like a super shiny finish that lasts up to two weeks. You can just simply apply the gel like regular nail polish and cure it under a UV or LED lamp for the specified period of time. Why choose OPI Gelcolor? OPI Gelcolor is produced by the largest manufactur of nail products in the world. OPI's Gelcolor will last for 2 weeks and is made specifically to fight the normal wear and tear from daily activities. Their formula does not damage the natural nails and will help keep your nails strong and healthy. How long does it take for OPI Gelcolor to cure? The curing times for Gelcolor gel polish is highly dependent on the type of lamp that you are using. For LED Lamps, Gelcolor will take 20-30 seconds to cure. However, with a UV Lamp, it will take 2 - 3 minutes to cure. Check out the latest LED lamp for faster curing! How do I use OPI Gelcolor polish? The Gelcolor application process is very similar to the other soak off gel polishes... This is how you do it: Preparation Step 1. Prepare the nail by using an orangewood stick to push the cuticles back for a clean application of gel Step 2. Shape your nails to your style with a natural nail filer (150 grit or higher) Step 3. Prepare the natural nail by gently removing the shine using a buffer... lightly buff it to rough up the nail beds Step 4. Remove the oils and dust on your nail by using nail cleanser OPI Gelcolor Application Step 5. (Roll the gelcolor bottle in your hands to mix the contents) Apply a thin even layer of Gelcolor Base Coat onto your nail. Step 6. Place your hand in an LED Lamp and cure for 10 seconds or UV Lamp and cure for 1 minute. The top coat will remain tacky/sticky, but this is normal of any soak off gel polish. Step 7. (Roll the Gelcolor bottle in your hands to mix the contents) Apply a thin even layer of Gelcolor Color coat to your nail. Don't forget to cap the nail edges to create a seal. Make sure you remove any Gelcolor from the skin prior to curing. Step 8. Place your hand in an LED Lamp and cure for 20 seconds or UV Lamp and cure for 2 minute. Step 9. Apply a second coat of Gelcolor color to the nail. Step 10. Place your hand in an LED Lamp and cure for 20 seconds or UV Lamp and cure for 2 minute. Step 11. Apply a thin even layer of Gelcolor Top Coat onto your nail. The top coat creates a high shine while protecting the gel layers below it from damage. Don't froget to cap the nail edges to create a seal. Step 12. Place your hand in an LED Lamp and cure for 20 seconds or UV Lamp and cure for 2 minute. Step 13. Use a liberal amount of alcohol (99%) or gel cleanser with a lint free pad to remove the tacky/sticky residue from your nail.

Professional Product
Item Name: OPI GelColor - Coastal Sand-tuary 0.5 oz - #GCN77
Manufactuer: OPI
Type: Gel Polish
UPC: 4064665021400
Weight: 62 grams - (0.14 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: bestsellers-resort, Color: Nude, Creme, Finish: Creme, Gel Polish, Glazed Donut Nails, Group: Coastal Sandtuary, Nude, OPI, OPI GelColor, OPI Malibu Summer 2021 Collection, Professional, Season: Summer, Summer, Summer Sale, The Ultimate Mani Gift Guide, and Type: Gel Polish

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Katie L.

I accidentally order one polish I didn’t want and wanted to exchange it for different color… I jumped thru all the hoops and the company never answered I’ve made 4 attempts… not one was responded to. Be careful when looking at your order before you submit itt

Hi Katie, I hope this message finds you well. We understand your concern regarding the accidental order of the polish you didn't want. We have noted that you reached out to us on Feb 10, and we have provided you with instructions on how to proceed with the return or exchange of your item.

To ensure we address this issue and provide you with a satisfactory solution, we have sent you an email. If you haven't received it yet, you may check your spam/junk folder or please contact us at

Angela D.

I have NOT received my order. I would appreciate a response to the email I sent inquiring about why it was not delivered. Would love to get what I paid for.

OPI never fails

This is a super cute light pink/ white color. It took about three coats before it was completely opaque but my layers were extremely thin. This color is a perfect opaque color that clearly shows you have your nails done but the color works year-round.

Lisa B.
Coastal Sand-tuary

Is the perfect shade! It can take you from blue jeans to a ball gown! It’s not too white, to pink, to beige or too bright it’s absolutely stunningly perfect!! Has perfect coverage without looking chalky or too opaque. Highly recommend!!!

Deb P.
Love this all year round color

So subtle and classy

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