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These Will Be 2019's Hottest Nail Trends


Posted on January 23 2019

As we mentioned back in our 2019 Beauty Trends post, this year is all about standing out from the crowd. Whether it’s a little embellishment here or a pop of color there, 2019 is your year to make a fashion statement. The Zoe Report recently published an article on the top nail trends for 2019 and they are anything but subtle. Time to step outside your comfort zone and try something new!

 Crescent Moons


“Adding color, embellishments, or art in a crescent shape to your nails is a great way to get creative, yet maintain a clean look,” editorial and campaign nail artist Betina Goldstein told The Zoe Report. Nail artist Queenie Nguyen uses OPI and CND to create this beautiful sparkly blue mani that’s giving us major mermaid vibes and we’re loving it!



Sequins and gems are perfect for that blingy, dramatic appeal. This gorgeous manicure from Buffed Nail Bar is perfect for the bride-to-be. The nail artist used OPI Alpine Snow and topped it with Swarovski crystals. With this sparkly embellishment, your nails will always be camera ready for that special occasion.

Jelly Nails


We saw this trend blow up last summer and this trend is expected to continue taking the nail world by storm in 2019. Rita Pinto, founder of Vanity Projects, says that jelly nails will be in high demand this year, but as we transition from summer to fall, we will start seeing darker hues from denim blue to crimson red. We love this garnet red jelly nail manicure on Vivian Rahey.

Negative Space


Paintbucket Creative Director Amy Wong says that the negative space nail trend is very popular and timeless. For those that want to try it at home, you can use striping tape to create various negative space designs. Lindsey Cabreros hand painted this beautiful abstract manicure using negative space. It’s chic and perfect for 2019.

Textures & 3D Nail Art


Ever heard of PolyGel? It’s basically a cross between acrylic and gel cured by UV light that gives nail art some texture and dimension. Nail Artist Betina Goldstein hand-sculpted and oainted this match and fire design to create stunning 3D nail art.



Pulaski says, “Florals effortlessly elevate your mani in a delicate, elegant way and are the perfect accessory for a classy event. It’s all in the details with these types of designs. Mei Kawajiri nails it with this floral design. Hard work really does pay off!



Geometric patterns, chevron patterns, as well as complex shapes and designs are expected to take off in 2019, according to Pinto. Geometric nail designs are blowing up in Japan right now. It’s only a matter of time until this trend is huge in the States. This geometric manicure by Fariha Ali is absolutely stunning. She plays with black and white, as well as a little pop of color to bring her art to life. Go bold or go home, right?!

Midi Rings


Tiny finger rings are also on the rise. If you’re not in the mood for a metallic gold or silver polish but still want that accent to complete your look, these tiny finger rings are the perfect alternative. Goldstein says, “This of it as removable nail art.” Beauty blogger Jahaira creates a minimalistic French manicure using Essie Licorice and Mademoiselle, but completes her look with a sparkly gold ring.

Animal Print


Animal prints add that “wow” factor to any outfit, according to Pulaski. On nails, she says you’ll need at least two different nude shades (one for the base and one for the spots) and a thin nail art brush. Nailed By Lou uses different animal prints in this spicy red mani. Even though the patterns are different, they’re still cohesive and the red really pulls the design together.

2019 will be the year of the bold. If you're looking to change up your look and step outside your comfort zone, give one of these designs a try! Let your nails be your statement pieces. Be daring, be loud, be bold.

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