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Cirque Colors Twisted Tea Party

Cirque Colors Twisted Tea Party


Get ready to add a twist to your nail game with the Twisted Tea Party collection from Cirque Colors. Whether you're spilling the tea with your crew or simply indulging in a bit of scandalous sparkle, these six vivid shades are perfect for any occasion where gossip and glam collide. So, grab your favorite cocktail and let's dive into the colors!

Jammin' Out: First up, we have "Jammin' Out," a vibrant grape purple nail polish that's sure to make a statement. With its blue-violet color-shifting aurora shimmer and intense scattered holographic effect, this shade is like a party on your fingertips. It's the perfect accompaniment to a garden party filled with dainty treats and juicy gossip.

Tipsy Turvy: Next, we have "Tipsy Turvy," a robin egg blue jelly polish that's as refreshing as a mid-morning mimosa. With its red-orange-green color-shifting aurora shimmer, this shade captures the essence of a boozy brunch gone wild. Just remember, there's always time for a nap before the next round of festivities!

You Tart!: Feeling a little sour? "You Tart!" is here to add a pop of acid green to your nail game. With its pink-green-gold color-shifting aurora shimmer, this shade is perfect for dramatic storytelling and scandalous revelations. Just be sure to have your best soap opera-worthy dialogue prepared!

Pinky's Up: Keep it classy with "Pinky's Up," a medium magenta pink polish that's perfect for a night of fancy dining and uncensored conversation. With its magenta-green-gold color-shifting aurora shimmer, this shade is sure to spark lively debates and outrageous laughter.

Hot Gossip: Ready to spill the tea? "Hot Gossip" is here to help you uncover the juiciest secrets with its sunset orange hue and red-orange-green color-shifting aurora shimmer. Whether you have receipts or just a gut feeling, this shade will have you feeling like the ultimate detective.

Spoonful of Sugar: Last but not least, we have "Spoonful of Sugar," a dusty periwinkle blue polish that's as sweet as it is sassy. With its purple-blue color-shifting aurora shimmer, this shade is perfect for delivering some much-needed tough love with a touch of tact and finesse.

Cirque Colors' Shimmergraphics combines scattered holographic pigments and sparkly color-shifting aurora pigments that reflect direct light (such as sunlight or light from a strong bulb) for an intense sparkle effect.

So, whether you're hosting a boozy brunch or simply looking to add a little sparkle to your day, the Twisted Tea Party collection from Cirque Colors has got you covered. Just remember, with great nail polish comes great responsibility – so be sure to handle the tea with care!

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