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How To Prep Your Nails For Gel Polish


Posted on October 29 2018

One of the main reasons gel polish manicures start to peel after a few days is because the nails aren't being prepped correctly. This is an important step that many people skip over. Here are the steps recommended to prepare your nails for gel polish:

  • Trim or file nails to desired length and shape.
  • Push back your cuticles and any dry skin with a cuticle pusher. If any dead skin is left on the surface of the nail, the gel will not adhere.
  • Gently buff your nails to remove any shine. Examine your nail from all angles to ensure you've buffed the entire surface.
  • Use alcohol on a lint-free pad to remove any excess dust.

Here are some additional tips to help you ensure the best results when applying your gel manicure at home:

  • Make sure you're in a comfortable place, as you could be working on your nails for at least an hour.
  • Don't touch anything during the application process. You want to avoid getting any dirt or oils on your nails. Plus it's a bad idea to touch anything while your nails are wet.
  • Avoid applying the gel polish in thick layers. This will affect the curing process. Remember, thin layers.
  • Always read each step carefully and don't skip over any of them. 

Follow these tips and you'll become a gel manicure pro!

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