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Kiara Sky: How To Apply Gel Polish On Dip Powder


Posted on November 19 2019


With over 160 colors, Kiara Sky challenges you to break the rules, not nails. Always cruelty-free, they're the number one best selling dip powder on the market! Their mission is to educate the generation of future nail techs & artists everywhere. Watch the tutorial below on how to apply gel polish on dip powder!


1) Apply Bond to the natural nail. Apply Base where the tip meets the nail and dip into Natural Powder. 

2) Apply Base to 3/4 of the nail and dip into the Natural Powder. Repeat this process.

3) Apply Base to the entire nail and dip into the Natural Powder again. Repeat this process again. 

4) Generously apply Seal Protect to the entire nail.

5) Shape the nail using a file and/or e-drill. (Rough it, don't buff it.) Remove the excess dust from the nail. 

6) Apply one coat of the gel polish color of your choice and cure in lamp. 

7) Apply another coat and cure again. 

8) Apply the Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds. 

9) Apply Nourish Oil on the cuticles. 

Kiara Sky is available now!




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  • Elyssa Martino: April 25, 2020

    I purchased a new dip starter set. I was told no light was needed. Which is it? Do I need a light or not?
    The set was about $108.00

    Thank you,

    Elyssa Martino

  • Tiffany: May 01, 2020

    The dip starter set you are using may not need a lamp, but the lamp will be needed for the gel polish applicaton (steps 6-8).

  • Danielle Oldakowski: August 02, 2020

    Will my dip extensions come off with my gel polish when soaking in acetone. If so, is there any way to avoid this? I want to be able to change my gel polish without redoing the dip process

  • shari: August 16, 2020

    Why does my gel polish always peel off of my dip powder nails after one week?

  • 1: March 02, 2021


  • Amanda: June 14, 2021

    Can you explain what you mean by “rough it, don’t buff it”?

  • Andrea Grilli: May 02, 2023

    I love this method, could you please explain how to just remove that gel layer and not the dip layer? The dip base layer is clear and I want to keep that layer.

  • Lori: September 29, 2023

    Hi – this is an old article but hopefully I’ll get a reply.

    So – with this dip/gel method you are doing 3 base/dip layers followed with the sealer rather than an activator. So no activator at all? Then you do your gel layers and finish with the dip top coat rather than a gel top coat? Thank you.

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