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ORLY Euphoria Nail Art with @gopolished

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Posted on May 14 2019


Summer's hottest colors have arrived! We looked to Laurie (@gopolished) to give us some fresh summer nail art inspo inspired by one of the season's hottest collections, ORLY Euphoria! With 6 completely different colors in the collection, we wanted to see what Laurie could do! The ORLY Euphoria collection is available now at Beyond Polish!

ORLY Euphoria Multicolored French Tip Nail Art with @gopolished! 


What You'll Need:

1) Apply a layer of base coat and allow to dry completely. 

2) Apply 1-2 coats of ORLY On Your Wavelength as the base color on each nail. Allow each coat to dry completely.

3) Using a fine detail brush, apply ORLY Rose All Day in a half-crescent (following the nail shape) about a third of the way down from the free edge. Allow to dry completely. 

4) Using a detail brush, apply ORLY Muy Caliente above Rose All Day, following the same shape. Allow to dry completely.

5) Using a fine detail brush, apply ORLY It's Brittney, Beach along the free edge, following the same shape and covering the rest of the free edge. Allow to dry completely. 

6) OPTIONAL: Using a dotting tool, apply one of the round confetti pieces from ORLY Warm It Up and gently place near the cuticle. 

7) OPTIONAL: Using a dotting tool, apply one of the triangle confetti pieces from ORLY What's The Big Teal and apply above the other confetti piece. Allow to dry completely.

8) Seal your design with a layer of top coat. Allow to dry completely.


The ORLY Euphoria Collection is available now!  







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