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Red Velvet Hair Is Trending This Fall


Posted on November 01 2018

Looking to change up your hair color this fall? “Red velvet” hair is taking over social media and it’s one of fall’s most popular trends this season. It’s the perfect color if you’re ready to try something different that’s a little bold and commands attention.

According to Allure, red velvet hair “closely resembles the vibrant shade of blood red found inside the cake it’s named after.” Stylist Krys Wimer told Allure, “Anyone who would want this color could simply ask their colorist for a vibrant yet rich red.” This color works perfectly into the fall color scheme of rich browns, auburns, and oranges, so it’s perfect for the season!

Of course, red velvet hair isn’t a one-size-fits-all color. Ask your stylist to help you find the best shade that works for you. The color and process will vary depending on your hair color and hair type. The lighter your hair color, the bolder the shade. The darker your hair color, the richer the shade. The shade you pick could also vary depending on your complexion. Master Colorist Colleen Flaherty says that those with warmer undertones should use a red-violet hue and those with cooler undertones could go either way, red-violet or violet red.

If you opt for this decadent trend this season, prepare yourself for the maintenance that comes with it. Adding color-safe products to your hair will help keep it vibrant between appointments. You’ll also have to cut back on washing, as this pulls the color out and makes it fade much quicker.

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