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OPI Infinite Shine - How Does Your Zen Garden Grow? - #ISLT86



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OPI Presents the Tokyo Collection “Tokyo is known for being on the forefront of nail trends -- a perfect fit for OPI, where we don’t follow the trends but set them..In this collection, we are revisiting the 80s and 90s, with pop colors that we’ve given a modern twist, taking inspiration from the famous Harajuku neighborhood. Tokyo brings so much life to this collection, from its eclectic fashion, vibrant nightlife and world-renowned cuisine to the rich traditions including matcha tea ceremonies and zen gardens.

Additional Details Item Name: OPI Infinite Shine - How Does Your Zen Garden Grow? - #ISLT86
Manufactuer: OPI
Type: Nail Lacquer
UPC: 619828142849
Weight: 90 grams - (0.2 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Green, Group: How Does Your Zen Garden Grow, Nail Polish, OPI, Tokyo Collection 2019, and Yellow

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