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China Glaze - Camisole 0.5 oz - #70329
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China Glaze has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of globally rich, on-trend, innovative colour lacquers and treatments. Their colours provide the perfect accent to any individual style. From their neons, to reds, corals, to shades of blue, their colours' inspiration is found on the shores of Tahiti, the nightlife in New York City, and beauty within every woman.
*All China Glaze colours are free of DBP, Toluene and added Formaldehyde.

Item Name: China Glaze - Camisole 0.5 oz - #70329
Manufactuer: China Glaze
Type: Nail Lacquer
UPC: 019965880992
SKU: CG-70329
Weight: 77 grams - (0.17 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: China Glaze, Color: Gold, Color: Tan, Finish: Shimmer, Gold, Group: Camisole, Holiday, Holiday Gift Guide 2020, Lunar New Year, Nail Polish, Season: Winter, Shimmer, Tan, The Ultimate Mani Gift Guide, Valentine's Day Collection 2021, and Winter

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Just no.

Just no.The bottle reads "Long lasting shine!", but it was a matte finish that really looked closer to white-out than nail polish. The colour I got was called Impulsive, and was a nice summery dark pink in the bottle, but it goes on dark and chalky. There were little blue flecks in it that I guess were supposed to be glitter, but ended up looking more like dirt. My mother-in-law loaned me some of her Avon gold-glittery top coat so it would at least be wearable. Now, I've used that topcoat before, and you need a jack-hammer to get the stuff off. This coming from a compulsive picker.I've been wearing the polish for less than 48 hours. It was chipped when I woke up, but glitter covers a multitude of sins, so I wasn't worried. Then I got home... two nails-worth of polish has now peeled off in full sheets, top-coat and all. WTF?? The nail underneath is shiney, like it didn't even adhere! Now it's flaking off just by catching on my clothes. Gross..Save your dollars... Better yet, go get some of the Sally Hansen quick-drying stuff in the triangle bottle. It doesn't really last either, but at least you get a full day's wear out of it.

This is an Ulta exclusive polish thus the name Ulta-Violet.

This is an Ulta exclusive polish thus the name Ulta-Violet. On the Ulta website this is described as a topper but I decided to use it as a regular polish after seeing swatches and a review online with it used in that manner.Ulta-Violet is a heavily glittered polish in a clear base with loads of violet, pink, green and silver glitter. Despite the vast amount of glitter it applies smoothly and the glitter disperses evenly upon application. This has a bit of a jelly like consistency.It took 4 coats to reach full opacity and even then there were a few thinner spots but the effect is grand as it is so shiny and beautiful. Even though it took so many coats to reach opacity I didn't deduct as lippie as it is described as a topper. The fact that I decided to use it otherwise should not reflect negatively on the rating. My one reservation is that I am pretty sure this will be a bear to remove when the time comes and as such I think the next time I will use it as a topper.I used SH Insta-Dri for my TC so this dried better quickly. Despite the load of glitter one coat of this TC left my nail surface smooth.This comes packaged in the standard ChG bottle with the standard brush. It works well.This runs about $7.50 a bottle at Ulta but sometimes you can get it for less on sale there. As this is an Ulta exclusive I don't think you can find this shade anywhere else. I like this color so I would repurchase it again as it is quite versatile.I will update in a few days on wear but if it is like most glitter polishes it will wear well.UPDATE: I honestly did not get great wear from this polish. It lifted off in sheets after just a couple of days. I suspect that is because I had to use so many coats to reach opacity. I think next time I will use this as a topper instead of a stand alone.

I came across this nailpolish in a sale bin at shoppers drug mart.

I came across this nailpolish in a sale bin at shoppers drug mart. The color I got was blueberry. I don't know much about this brand but I liked it. Only needed one to two coats for a solid color, I liked the blue shade. Was not overly dry upon drying so I didn't even need a topcoat. It started chipping a bit the 2nd day, not overly so.

I bought ceramic glaze from Shoppers Drug Mart, and it's probably the worst polish I've used.

I bought ceramic glaze from Shoppers Drug Mart, and it's probably the worst polish I've used. I bought a fluorescent hot pink. I was so excited! First of all, it's super matte. Not a problem however not what I expected. Great coverage, only needed two coats. But here comes the downfall, it doesn't last!! I tried it with base coat and top coat first, and I got a day out of it before it chipped in large pieces. So I tried without base coat and it wasn't even a whole day before it chipped away. I was very disappointed. Luckily shoppers did an exchange for me.

Sharline S.
This polish is definitely one you either hate or love, and i love it! I got it in Don't be Foiled...

This polish is definitely one you either hate or love, and i love it! I got it in Don't be Foiled, a minty teal color. It goes on nicely in 1 coat, and because of the texture it doesnt show any mess ups. The drying time is rediculously fast,like 10 seconds and you can touch it, so if you get any on your skin you have a short amount of time to remove it before you need polish remover to get it off. It can catch on clothing a bit, but a little bit of buffing with a nail buffer on the nail edge and its good to go. I've had it on for 3 days so far and theres no chipping, I didnt bother with a topcoat either. The brush is kinda small, but with this type of polish its okay since it's a bit thicker than regular polish and a bigger brush would make a mess. I'm assuming it'll be a bit hard to remove it like most glitter polishes. Overall I would get it again, but only if its on sale at Sally's again, because I'm cheap and dont want to spend $7-$8 on 1 nail polish.

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